Wet n' Wild Color Icon 6 Pan Palettes Holiday 2013

So, I heard about a month ago that WNW was re-releasing limited editions of their 6 pan palettes for the holidays. Words can't describe how happy I was to hear this, as I have NO backups of these GREAT shadows. Well, during a quick trip to Rite Aid, I stumbled upon one!

The 'Greed' palette. This is the only one my Rite Aid had, I'm hoping they'll get the others (mostly the Vanity palette!!!). You get the palette, which is the exact one as before...

A mascara and a brow/eyeliner duo pencil. 

All this for $4.99!  Such a great deal. I was lucky enough to own all these palettes when they first came out, but if you never got them then here's your chance!  Run out and grab them up before they get gone. You won't be disappointed!!!

Have a great week!  xoxoxoxo!

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