Kory Caudill Home For Christmas Concert

Hey guys!  Last night me and my family went to the Mountain Arts Center ( a small theater here in town) and watched a concert. The performer was Kory Caudill, a wonderful pianist from the southeast Kentucky area. He is super talented, you can catch him playing at the ACA awards in Las Vegas, which airs Tuesday night.  His music will bring tears to your eyes. It was crazy good. 

The stage was decorated beautifully. 

My niece Cassondra having a great time!

David and my nephew Gunnar enjoying the show!

Me and my mama!

The kids with Kory after the show. He was super nice!

The theater was decorated beautifully for Christmas, so we took the opportunity to take some pictures.  As always, lol. Thought I would share some of them with you guys. 

The kids in a gingerbread house!

Me and my mini-me goofin off in Santa's Workshop!

They weren't so nice in all of their poses for pictures...

They are so mean!  I guess they forgot Santa is a watchin (; 

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics. If you get a chance, you would really enjoy catching one of Kory's shows. They tour all 50 states in the US and do some shows in Canada. Anyways, stay warm tonight!  I think we're supposed to get some of the white stuff tonight. Yay!!! Goodnight and God Bless!

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