Best Drugstore Limited Edition Lipsticks EVER - (MAC Dupes)

Hey guys! While playing in makeup today I started looking at my drugstore LE lipsticks. I have mentioned in previous posts before that cheap, drugstore limited edition items are my FAVORITE things to collect. While browsing I narrowed it down to 2 standouts. They are both by Maybelline and are both from the COLORsensational line:

Left: Violet Intrigue (Fall 2013)
Right: Nude Nuances (Spring 2012)

My goodness, how gorgeous are these colors! A dupe for MAC's Hue, Nude Nuances was EXTREMELY popular when it came out. A perfect nudey-pink, this sold out super quick and I am so glad I got my hands on it. Hue is in my top 5 MAC lipsticks and this is an excellent Hue-ish shade. Violet Intrigue is kind of a warm purplish shade that is extremely opaque and creamy. It is definitely in that whole MAC Up the Amp category (another top 5 MAC lipsticks of mine). I adore this shade. Great quality, great staying power. Why oh why oh why are these LE???

Thanks for tuning in yet again today, folks. I am so thankful for this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and ramblings. If it bores the life out of you, you don't have to keep reading, but I appreciate it if you do! My mind tends to go NONSTOP, and while I wish I could shut it off, I simply can't. So thanks for putting up with it/supporting it? Come back again soon. I think 5 posts today are enough....wouldn't you agree? lol. Take care and GOD BLESS.
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