Hello Everybody! My blog has been ACHIN' for a new post and I finally took the time to give it a little bit of a facelift! A much, much needed facelift lol. I am so happy with the bows and girly touches, please let me know if you enjoy the layout as much as I do. Today I wanted to share a decor ideas post, as I have recently been working on my living room and I am SO happy with the results. This room is eclectic and charming and I absolutely love it. The vaulted ceiling, the open floor plan, and the magnificent fireplace make this room one of the standouts in the house. The furniture is a COMPLETE hodgepodge, hand-me-down pieces and throw aways that I have repurposed and turned into my idea of perfection!

The chair with the ottoman was given to me by a neighbor, and the two blue chairs were actually in my neighbor's trash! I was taking Piper on her morning walk when I seen them - wet from the rain and a bird had actually even went potty on one. Ugh. But I saw the beauty and potential even with all that, brought them home and gave them a good cleaning and they are SPECTACULAR!  I love the simplicity mixed with the bold - this room is the ideal representation of my personality.



What I Wore On My Disney Cruise | Formal Night, Excursions, Pajamas & More!

Hey guys!  We actually just got back from a Disney cruise to the Western Caribbean and I thought I would share some of the outfits I wore with you guys.  Every single outfit I wore worked out perfectly. I don't know if I've ever been more satisfied with my fashion on a trip.  So, if you are planning a cruise in your near future, maybe some of these things can give you some ideas. 

Boarding the ship
There are a few things you should keep in mind when you think about what you should wear on the day you board a cruise.  Most often your bags are taken by staff and later delivered to your room.  And, often times, that process can take a few hours.  I highly recommend wearing something comfortable and fun, just in case you are in it for several hours and in the event you also need to wear it for dinner.  This off the shoulder blue dress I found on Poshmark and I thought it made the perfect embarkation outfit.  I tossed my swimsuit and a bottle of sunscreen into my shoulder bag and off I went.  This little dress was light and comfy, but also worked as a swimsuit coverup.  I could have easily worn this to dinner, but, thankfully, my bags arrived at my room in plenty of time for me to change.

Dress:  (Poshmark) Indah Kamani Ruffle Edge Mini Dress
Flip Flops:  Haviana Slims
Ears:  Disney

A day at sea

Our first and last days on the ship were actually spent cruising at sea.  For these days I opted for comfortable tropical/nautical inspired pieces.  I didn't photograph my other day at sea look, but it consisted of an anchor print cardigan with a white tank and khaki shorts.


Sunflower Field Photo Shoot | Outfit Ideas | Pose Ideas

Hey guys!
One of my favorite things in this entire world to do is visit Sunflower fields, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, anything along those lines. Here in central Kentucky we have several orchards within a 15 minute car ride, and I was so excited to go see the GORGEOUS Sunflowers this year! Not only is it fun to just go and see, but it is an excellent opportunity to snap some gorgeous photos.  I noticed a lot of photographers snapping professional shots of families and couples, but my photos were just snapped with a regular iPhone. Nothing glamorous or time consuming, and they turned out so well. I thought I would give you some ideas on a possible outfit and different poses to give you a little inspiration if you have the chance to visit a Sunflower field. 

One of my favorite props for photos has to be a hat. A signature pose I often do is to turn my back to the camera and hold the hat with my hands. It automatically elevates a basic snapshot into something Instagram worthy.