Must Have: Ficcare Maximus Clip (as seen on Grey's Anatomy)

Hi guys! So as I mentioned in a previous blog post, I have just started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I LOVE this show. A standout? The gorgeous hair clip on Dr. Christina Yang (Sandra Oh). Her hair is wild and curly and chaotic, much like her character. She loosely pulls half of her hair back at the nape of her neck in this beautiful silver clip in almost every episode. I tried to take a couple of screenshots with my iPhone. Hopefully you can tell what I am talking about, and if you've seen the show, then you definitely know what I'm talking about.

After researching online a bit, I found that these are the Ficcare Maximus Clips. A bit pricey, they are very luxurious hair clips. They come in different sizes and oodles of different colors. Not only were they worn on Grey's Anatomy, but they have been on many other movies and shows (Bridesmaids, The Blindside, etc) and worn by lots of celebrities.

Must have this. Have to have this. WILL have this. lol. Did anyone else fall in love with this hair clip like I did??? Lemme know! xoxo
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  1. OMG we're obsessed at my house too!!!!! And yes. I love her hair, AND her clip. <3

    1. Great minds think alike :)))))
      Ordered me two clips tonight...hehe. Told ya I HAD to have them!