Wet n' Wild 8 Pan Palette Dupes

Hey guys! I'm sure if you're alive and you love makeup you've tried the SPECTACULAR Wet n' Wild 8 pan palette eyeshadows. They are out of this world good, are dirt cheap, and are department store quality. The color payoff is crazy good, they are super blendable, and they stay put ALL day. I can't sit here and say enough good things about them. Also as some of you may know, they are very close/similar to lots of MAC shadows. After watching numerous YouTube videos and jotting down info I have found along the way, I thought I would share with you the dupes for each palette and how I labeled them. I am OBSESSED with labeling my drugstore dupes. If I bought it from the drugstore and saw somewhere that it's a dupe, there's a very good chance that if you flip that product over I've got it labeled on the bottom. That way if I am going for a certain look and don't have a certain high end product, I have something that is close enough to give me the look I'm aiming for. You know? Anyways, back to the palettes and the dupes. I wrote on the lids of all my palettes with a blue sharpie, then did a swipe of Seche Vite on top of it so that the ink wouldn't wear away. Looks a little messy perhaps, but works for me. I will attach a photo of each palette (close up) so that you can write down the dupes if interested. Note: the background turned out funky in some of these photos when my camera tried to focus on the colors in the palettes. Sorry!

(How I store my WnW palettes)

(Petal Pusher - permanent item)

(Blue Had Me At Hello - permanent item)

(Comfort Zone - permanent item)

(Sparkle 'Til Morning - Limited Edition 2012)

(Drinking A Glass Of Shine - Limited Edition 2012)

(Shimmer The Night Away - Limited Edition 2012)

(Nude Awakening - Limited Edition 2013. By far the BEST 8 pan palette WnW has ever had, in my opinion. The dupes in this palette are not MAC, they are actually all from the UD Naked Palette. The first shade is a cross between Foxy and Virgin...it's neither one really. But the others are almost spot on.)

Hope that helped you guys if you were looking for dupes for your palettes. Any questions just leave them below. Hope you guys have had a great week and please come back soon! xoxo
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  1. Where do you purchase these?! I can't even find them at CVS here :(

    1. You're kidding! They don't have the 3 permanent ones? If they don't then go to any Rite Aid, they always have them. (If you can't find them let me know and I'll pick them up for you). Now the LE ones I have to get online. My little podunk stores NEVER have those. xoxo.