Sunflower Field Photo Shoot | Outfit Ideas | Pose Ideas

Hey guys!
One of my favorite things in this entire world to do is visit Sunflower fields, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, anything along those lines. Here in central Kentucky we have several orchards within a 15 minute car ride, and I was so excited to go see the GORGEOUS Sunflowers this year! Not only is it fun to just go and see, but it is an excellent opportunity to snap some gorgeous photos.  I noticed a lot of photographers snapping professional shots of families and couples, but my photos were just snapped with a regular iPhone. Nothing glamorous or time consuming, and they turned out so well. I thought I would give you some ideas on a possible outfit and different poses to give you a little inspiration if you have the chance to visit a Sunflower field. 

One of my favorite props for photos has to be a hat. A signature pose I often do is to turn my back to the camera and hold the hat with my hands. It automatically elevates a basic snapshot into something Instagram worthy.