Happy New Year!

Hey guys!  Well, we have been blessed enough to survive another year.  Speaking for myself, 2013 was not the best of years. I lost my father, someone who is vitally important to me was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and there were just a lot of challenges and battles over the past 12 months that I am glad are over with. I hate to wish my life away, but this is one year I am happy to put behind me. I look forward to the next year and the opportunities it brings. As Meredith Grey put it, the next year 'is a chance to put the problems of last year to bed.'  What a nice thought. 

I have spent most of the day at the vet's office with Piper.  She's having to have some tests done, but I am eternally optimistic where she is concerned.  I'm spending the rest of the day here at home with her and the rest of the gang, with a heart full of love, hope, and promise for a wonderful 2014. New Years Eve to me is a time for reflection. Auld Lang Syne, for the sake of old times. Old acquaintances and friends will never be forgotten, and all my sweetest memories treasured. Today symbolizes endings and new beginnings.  

But, soft. What light through yonder window breaks... 

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey towards it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. 

Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I hope God blesses you and yours abundantly. 
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Family Night!

Hey ya'll!  Hope this Saturday night finds you well.  I am back home after an evening visiting with my family.  How wonderful it is to be with the people who raised you and who have known you your entire life. Those are the people that end up being closest to you, who really matter. Who stick by you and love you, no matter what. Just wanted to share a few pics of the faces of these folks I'm talking about!

On my way to my hometown!  (My family lives a couple of counties over).  Shirt: Forever 21.  

My mama, me, and my aunt Sandi who's in from out of town. Always so nice seeing her. Love her so. 

Can't forget aunt Kaffy!!!

My niece Cassondra and cousin Hayley. Love these girls!

My nephew Gunnar and cousin Skylar. They are such good boys. 

The little prince, Logan :)))))

My brother Derrick and aunt Kathy!

Mom & Sandi. 

David, my granny, me. My brother and I were blessed to be my grandparent's namesakes: our third names are after them. I couldn't think of any other name I could treasure more. 

Me and my cousin Jarrod (aka J-rod!)  He may be my cousin, but he feels no different to me than a brother. LOVE him. 

Me and David <3

My bracelet he bought me at the restaurant tonight. They are hand painted wooden bracelets with poems/sayings on them. This one has the whole 'love is patient love is kind' poem on it. I fell in love with it!  

Alright guys, I am wore out and ready to hit the sack. I've been up since 4:30 and my eyes are beginning to cross. Thanks for stopping by, as always, and please come back again soon. Love & blessings!
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Cousin Kenny Makin it Big in TV Land!!!

I warned you guys that if you hadn't seen this face that you soon would  be.  He and I are the internet sensations of our family...hehe.  (In my dreams or in my own opinion maybe, lol!)  Anyhoo, here we be!

Yep, the Diva and the Rockstar. You'll get to see him in action doing his thing....his latest project, the Don Jacob's Volkswagon commercial. He is also the one singing in the background of the commercial. Have a look:


His diva-ish cousin is so proud of him! These boys were supposed to do something great and they really are. Can't wait to see more and more of all that they will do in their lives. Keep your eyes open!!!
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Goodbye Christmas 2013

Hey guys!  Hope your weekend is off to a great start. It's been kind of a quiet, relaxing day here. I spent most of the day yesterday taking down Christmas and cleaning. Felt nice to have everything done the day after Christmas!

I packed everything up and put it away, shampooed carpet and moved all the furniture back where it belongs.  All that left me exhausted!  I've had some things to do today, but definitely did all of them leisurely.  Other Christmas related things I'm still enjoying?

This was so yummy. Crunch Berries is still one of my favorite cereals. I absolutely love it. Basically that's what you get here, in fun and festive Christmas shapes. 

My Christmas cactus somehow always knows just when to bloom. I have somewhat of a black thumb, this cactus is one thing that keeps going and going.  Windows are open today letting the fresh air in ~ happiness. I'm sitting here now waiting on dinner reading my US Weekly that just came in the mail.  Highlights?

Pantone's color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. So happy!  I actually found out the color on Project Runway Allstars last week. I was so happy - this color is much more me than emerald. Yuck!  Green is definitely not a favorite of mine. 

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed and hope you're almost done taking down your decorations!  You will feel so accomplished when you do.  We are gonna play a couple of games. Hedbanz, anyone??

Ha!  He's such a good sport. Anyways, have a good one, guys!  
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Desperate Housewives: Tom On Lynette's Need To Control Things

There are certain shows that will hands down always be my favorites and be very special to me (Felicity, SATC, Desperate Housewives, etc).  Desperate Housewives was so clever and witty, but yet so sweet, and I absolutely fell in love with this show.  Looking back this is one of the BEST scenes in my opinion.  Gaby & Carlos were my favorite couple, but I so loved Tom and Lynette as well.  He was so sweet in this scene, and I just thought I'd share it with you.  If you never had the chance to watch this show, I couldn't recommend it more.  It is one of the best shows everrrr!  Thanks for watching!

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Christmas 2013

Hey everybody, hope you are having a very Merry Christmas!  We have had such a good one, a wonderful evening spent with family last night, I am one blessed gal. Thought I'd share some of it with you guys!

Sorry so blurry!  What I wore:  Shirt Walmart, Skinny Jeans American Eagle, Boots Timberland, Linus Jingle Bell Necklace from The Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, TN.

I call these my 'Snow Bunny Boots', lol.  I have had these for at least a decade and they still look practically new. I love love love these. 

With my mini pumpkin cream cups!

Burberry Trench, Owl Boggin from Walmart. 

MOTD:  Maybelline Baby Skin primer, CG 3 in 1 foundation, Ben Nye Banana Powder, MAC Pro Longwear concealer, Benefit Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow primer, Hoola bronzer, Sleek Bon Fire blush (from Flame blush trio), UD Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, Loreal Lacquer liner, NYC eyeliner in Moody Blue on bottom, Loreal Butterfly Effect mascara, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, Maybelline brow powder, NYX matte setting spray. 

A family tradition at my mom's, my stepdad always reads the Christmas story from the book of Luke.  #thereasonfortheseason

Me and my aunt Tracy!

The grinch putting the moves on Eb (as in Ebenezer aka David).  Ha!
Alright guys, hope you enjoyed. Hope your holiday is wonderful and that Santa was good to you!  Stop by again soon!  Muaahh!
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New Beauty Goodies: Glamglow, Maybelline, Covergirl

Hey guys!  Just wanted to share with you a couple new things I just got. I haven't used much of them yet, so I can't do a review.  Just a very small haul!

Covergirl Bombshell Mascara in Very Black. I have heard a lot of good stuff about this. One end for volume, one end to intensify. Can't wait to use up all my current ones and bust into this bad boy!

My little fox friend from Urban Outfitters. Plugs into your earbud port. Love him (;

I got these two 0.5oz Tubes of Glamglow, as well as 4 samples from beautychoice.com for $9.99.  I did one mask tonight and it felt great!  

Wowza, you really do feel the tingle. The mask smells delicious, and dries to a greenish grey.  

Eek!  The more it dried the more witchy I looked, lol. Once it completely dries you wet your face and use the mask to exfoliate your skin as you rinse it off. After I dried my face it felt smooth as a baby's bottom. Love this so far. Can't tell much just yet. 

If you have kept up with my blog, you know I've been dyin to try the Buff lipsticks from Maybelline, well I have nabbed my first two in the collection (I want 2 others, 4 total).  I got 930 Truffle Tease and 935 Sin-A-Mon.

Just as gorgeous and great as I thought they'd be!  Can't wait to get the other two! (By the way, in case you're wondering what that is on the carpet in the background, it's Piper's pig ear, lol).  

Alright guys, that's it. Small but very satisfying haul. I'm gonna hit the hay early tonight as I have plenty to do in the morning for the holiday. Goodnight and Merry Christmas from me and Piper!

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