True Romanticism

My favorite class I ever took in college was an 18th century women's literature course. We studied all the greats: Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, etc. My favorite novels we read were Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Can you guess where I got my inspiration for my dog's name (Darcy)? Anyways, my favorite scene from both of these movies is at the ending of Pride and Prejudice. This is true romanticism, in a time when love was real, and simple, and the stuff to write books on. I will include the dialogue below:

Mr. Darcy: How are you this evening, my dear?

Elizabeth Bennet: Very well... although I wish you would not call me "my dear."

Mr. Darcy: [chuckles] Why?

Elizabeth Bennet: Because it's what my father always calls my mother when he's cross about something.

Mr. Darcy: What endearments am I allowed?

Elizabeth Bennet: Well let me think..."Lizzy" for every day, "My Pearl" for Sundays, and..."Goddess Divine"... but only on *very* special occasions.

Mr. Darcy: And... what should I call you when I am cross? Mrs. Darcy...?

Elizabeth Bennet: No! No. You may only call me "Mrs. Darcy"... when you are completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy.

Mr. Darcy: [he snickers] Then how are you this evening... Mrs. Darcy?

[kisses her on the forehead]

Mr. Darcy: Mrs. Darcy...

[kisses her on the right cheek]

Mr. Darcy: Mrs. Darcy...

[kisses her on the nose]

Mr. Darcy: Mrs. Darcy...

[kisses her on the left cheek]

Mr. Darcy: Mrs. Darcy...

[finally kisses her on the mouth]

Incandescently happy....to be so content and in love you glow. How utterly sweet and heart wrenching is that? Now this is what I call a VERY good read.
(Always remember, don't ever forget).

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