Walmart Infinity Scarves

Good morning guys!  I was hanging up some scarves this morning and noticed a few that I got this year from Walmart that I really like. They all happen to be infinity or loop scarves, which usually is not my favorite or what I typically reach for in the store. My favorite scarves are usually your basic long rectangle or silk square.  But I really happen to like these, and thought I would share a few pics with you in case you wanted to pick you up one..or two...or ten, lol. They are a really good quality for the price, most run around 6 or 7 bucks. 

Pictured:  the first one is probably my favorite. It's a really light, extremelyyyy soft, small open weave infinity. I totally love this one. The next one is a chocolate, kinda big, soft and bulky open weave infinity. The weaves in this are really big. I'll show you a close up in just a minute. The 5th scarf (last one) is a burnt orange version of this same scarf. The 3rd and 4th scarves are a mustard yellow and smokey grey, really soft infinity. They are thin, but really big. I really like these as well. 

A close up of my favorite one. The fabric is REALLY soft and somewhat stretchy. It is so comfortable and easy to wear. This is the scarf I was wearing in my 'Kory Caudill Home For Christmas' blog post.  I looped it around my neck twice over top a plain white tee and a red and white checkered flannel shirt, with jeggings and brown boots. 

I first saw these big open weave scarves on one of Melissa Raymond's (melmphs) YouTube videos. It was one of her 'Friday Favorites'.  Definitely soft, definitely stretchy, definitely more expensive looking than a $7 Walmart scarf. So cute!  Here is a pic of me wearing the burnt orange colored one with a black shirt and skinny jeans. 

These two scarves are both such gorgeous colors!  These are very soft, and are the only ones out of the bunch that are not stretchy. They are really full and long, but looped twice around your neck they're not too big. I think the pattern is really pretty and they definitely don't really look like something from Walmart!  

Hope you guys enjoyed!  Let me know it you've found any cute/cheap scarves this season! 

#TBT. This was my last semester of RN school. I was 20.  15 years ago. WOW. 

Happy Thursday, everybody!  xoxo!!

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