Sephora Birthday Present and Small Haul

Hey guys!  I'm comin to ya bright an early this morning. It's about 5:30 am (EST) as I begin to write this and take some photos to blog. I can hear the rain outside, you never know about this east coast weather. It was 70 degrees here yesterday and I think we have snow in the forecast for the weekend?  Who knows!  Anyways, thought I would share with you my birthday present I received from Sephora as well as a 100 pt perk item and another little goodie.  I ordered my grandmother's christmas gift the other day, and when I was checking out they prompted me to pick out my birthday gift. I chose the Benefit 'Real Birthday Turn-ons'.  

What you get:  deluxe size samples of Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara and 'Watt's Up' highlighter. 

I have been dying to try this!  Benefit states this is the 'world's best mascara.'  I know I've heard a lot about it. Can't wait to try it. 

The packaging is adorable. See the little light bulbs?  

It is described as a champagne sheer highlight, and OMGsh!  Love it!  Blends and sheers out like nobody's business. As a self confessed highlighteraholic, this puppy could very easily wind up in my favorites list. <3 <3 <3

I spent 500 of my points on the Christian Dior perk a couple of weeks ago, then spent 100 points on these adorable earbuds this week.  I'm down to 420 points, and I get antsy anytime it drops below 500. I want to always be able to snatch up any perk I want. So I will be uneasy until I reach 500 again, but I'm almost there lol. Anyways, the earbuds, so cute!

I don't know if you have used this body wash or not, but if you haven't then GO OUT AND GET YOU A BOTTLE TODAYYYY!  It is simply the best. Lathers great and smells SUPERB. 

Sephora sent me a set of perfume samples for the holidays, and in it they had a sample of the new Gucci perfume - the Gucci Guilty Black.  As soon as I smelled it I thought of my body wash. It has that same deep, 'fiery' scent. Great for winter. I fell in love with it. So, while I was at it, I nabbed me a bottle of that as well.  

Whoa, that's one bright pic. One thing I'm not is a photographer...something to keep in mind, hehe. Anyhoo, If you know me at all then you know I NEVER hardly change my perfume. I have a true signature scent. But for the winter I think I'll be using this quite frequently!  Smells sooo good. 

Alright peeps, stay tuned for more and come back soon!  Keep your heads dry out there today. Just to be safe if you've gotta go out you might wanna consider taking some rain boots, a jacket, an umbrella, some golashes, a pair of gloves, a scarf, snow boots, a parka, and possibly a bikini if the weather goes back to what it was yesterday.  lol. This crazy Kentucky weather. Anyways, have a good one err'body! xoxo

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