Ficcare Maximus Clips

Have a look at what I have here!  The lovely Ficcare Maximus Clip (as seen on Grey's Anatomy).  What gorgeous packaging (:

This is the large size. I will use this one to pull up all of my hair. I tried to snap a shot of it with my phone. Hopefully you can tell enough what it looks like. This one is black. 

It is really big and holds a lot of hair. Totally in love with this!  I will use these FOREVER.  

This is the silver matte clip in medium. This fits half my hair back much better. The large clip is too big for that and tends to slip out. This silver one is my favorite. I found it at Nordstrom. 

Trying to show you the size difference. The medium one is quite the bit smaller. LOVE. 

Lemme know if you guys have one!  Thanks for stopping by!  xoxo

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