Goodbye Christmas 2013

Hey guys!  Hope your weekend is off to a great start. It's been kind of a quiet, relaxing day here. I spent most of the day yesterday taking down Christmas and cleaning. Felt nice to have everything done the day after Christmas!

I packed everything up and put it away, shampooed carpet and moved all the furniture back where it belongs.  All that left me exhausted!  I've had some things to do today, but definitely did all of them leisurely.  Other Christmas related things I'm still enjoying?

This was so yummy. Crunch Berries is still one of my favorite cereals. I absolutely love it. Basically that's what you get here, in fun and festive Christmas shapes. 

My Christmas cactus somehow always knows just when to bloom. I have somewhat of a black thumb, this cactus is one thing that keeps going and going.  Windows are open today letting the fresh air in ~ happiness. I'm sitting here now waiting on dinner reading my US Weekly that just came in the mail.  Highlights?

Pantone's color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. So happy!  I actually found out the color on Project Runway Allstars last week. I was so happy - this color is much more me than emerald. Yuck!  Green is definitely not a favorite of mine. 

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed and hope you're almost done taking down your decorations!  You will feel so accomplished when you do.  We are gonna play a couple of games. Hedbanz, anyone??

Ha!  He's such a good sport. Anyways, have a good one, guys!  
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