FFFVIP: FabFitFun VIP Box Spring 2014!

Always a sucker for the auto-shipment beauty clubs, I just recently stumbled upon the FabFitFun VIP box.  Started and owned by E's Giuliana Rancic, it's a quarterly product (only ships 4 times/year) at $49.99/season.  It's not strictly cosmetic items you receive, it's stuff to make you fit (exercise products/coupons) hair care, accessories, and even food.  All the boxes are the same, no one gets anything different.  This is my first one, so I thought I would share with you what it had in it to see if it's something you would be interested in.  It came with a big fold out card that listed every item and gave a brief description as well as how much it cost.  I will include a pic of each item's description under it's photo.

I've not tried these yet, but I definitely will.  I love spinach and kale and make my own kale chips occasionally.  I found them on Amazon if you're interested.

I've not tried this yet either, lol.  I am excited to though!  I've tried other products from Cover FX and they were good, so I have no doubt this will be too.  I'm not for sure how the FFFVIP site works, you may be able to buy these things directly through their site.  But, I did find this on Sephora.

This is pretty good dry shampoo.  It does a great job drying up your oil, gives you some lift, and it smells really nice too.  I found it on the Oscar Blandi Website.

When the mail lady brought me my box, it smelled like she was handing me a big eucalyptus leaf.  The box smelled so fresh and clean.  It was these little shower bombs scenting everything!  I have used a couple of these and I really like them.  You'd think that it would be really strong and possibly overpowering, but it's not.  I love them.  Found these on the Level Naturals Website.

Can't wait to try this!  I've just started my new all natural skincare regimen, and this will be great to exfoliate all my dead skin off.  You can purchase this on the Dermasuri Website.

A mini stability ball you blow up with a straw.  You can find this on the Merrithew Website, as well as an instructional video to see how it's used.

I have had a bottle of Kai Perfume for years.  It's a really light, clean scent.  I found the perfume oil on the Barneys Website.

This was such a unique item.  I had never seen anything like this before.  It's a turban/headband = turband.  It is lined with a wire so it is bendable and adjustable.  I went on the Cult Gaia Website and saw many different ways to wear it...

Demi Lovato was on the site wearing several.  She must be a fan.  I tried mine on a few different ways....I usually end up looking like a deranged bunny rabbit.  Kind of like this:

Haha!  I think overall it was a very good box.  I am anxious to see what next seasons box has.  I'll probably give it a year or so (a box for each season) and then decide if it's something worth keeping.  Let me know how you like it!
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New Beauty Goodies!

Hi guys!  Ever since I organized all my makeup and invested in a vanity, I have been so happy and content with my makeup collection. I am able to see everything I have and everything is so easily accessible and handy, I have had zero interest in purchasing anything new. I know I don't have the biggest or greatest or fanciest collection out there, but I have all the things I really want, way more than I need, and I am just so happy with it.  Over the past couple of months I've just picked up a handful of things, nothing major, and I thought I'd share them with you. 

Maybelline Eyestudio Quads in Bare It All and Taupe Tease from the Dare To Go Nude limited edition Spring 2014 Collection

I am a sucker for Maybelline, it's by far my favorite brand at Walmart. And if you've ever used them, then I don't have to mention how great their Eyestudio Quads are. They are silky smooth and so beautiful. I have around 10 or so of these palettes and I love them all. The two that I picked up are both limited edition. They are out now so hurry and pick them up!  I found mine at Rite Aid for $8 or $9 each.

I briefly mentioned this in my beach makeup post, the Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream. We just got back from a week at the beach, and this (along with my 50 SPF It Cosmetcs CC Cream) is all I wore. Two amazing items for tropical/hot climates where you want a little coverage but don't want to wear actual makeup.  I got mine at Walmart for $19.  

Boots Expert Instant Matte. If you follow my blog then you know I am constantly battling oily skin. I found this at Target for $5 and it works really nicely. Basically it's an unscented liquid that you apply in trouble spots and it absorbs any excess oil. Great for oily gals like myself!

And while we are on the subject of oily skin, two new products from Rimmel I spotted at the drugstore. I haven't tried them yet but am excited to do so.  Anything with the word 'matte' in it, you know I'm all about it.  I don't remember how much these were, but I know they wouldn't that expensive. On Walmart's website it says both of these products are available in store only. 

A beautiful rose gold liner for your waterline, the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Silkissime Pencil Liner in 230 - Highlighter.  Great for brightening up any eye look.  Found this at, where else, Walmart for $7.97 (yes, I bought two, lol).

And a random goodie totally non-beauty related, my new old-fashioned headboard lamp from my mama.  She said this was the kind of lamps they used when she was a little girl. I hadn't ever seen anything like this, I totally love it!  It has double hooks on the back of it that securely anchor it to any headboard and it has a gold pull chain to turn it off and on. I have touch lamps on either side of the bed on our nightstands, but we use this cute little thing more than those now. So sweet. And, I also want to mention another love in this pic.  My new 100% silk pillow case. I found this at Amazon for $33 (including shipping, king size, standard is cheaper).  I have had satin pillowcases in the past, and I guess I always associated the two as the same. Well, they're not. The silk is so luxe and glamorous. I totally love it. They have several colors available (mine is in Natural White) and it's really worth checking out. Silk pillowcases are supposed to be really nice for your skin and hair, as they don't soak up and strip all of your oils and moisturizers. 

Alright guys, that just about does it. I highly encourage each of you to go shopping your stash instead of purchasing all the new latest and hottest products that are continually hitting the shelves. If you do I think you be surprised at how much stuff we accumulate and probably won't ever be able to use!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Muahhhh!

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DIY Vanilla Almond Sugar Scrub With Coconut Oil

Hey guys!  I recently mentioned in a previous blog post that I am really getting into natural skin care. So today I thought I would share my recipe for a VERY hydrating body scrub I've been using and loving.  It only takes a couple of ingredients and makes your skin feel downright amazing.

The only things you really have to use are sugar and coconut oil. I added a couple drops of almond flavoring just for the luscious scent, and a couple of drops of vitamin E.  Vitamin E is not only great for your skin but it's also a natural preservative for oils in your homemade concoctions.  I used two parts sugar (mine is a coarse, organic cane sugar, but any will do) and one part coconut oil (I used Monoi Coconut Oil with Vanilla, it's 100% pure and smells good enough to eat).  And again, I just added a couple of drops of almond flavoring and vitamin E oil. I made very little, about enough for a week.  I just scooped it into an empty candy dish I had, nothing fancy. If I was giving this to someone as a gift I would package it a little nicer. 

I'll quickly tell you how I use this. I do all my stuff in the shower first: soap up, shave, rinse my hair, etc.  This is literally the last thing I do in the shower, as it's very emollient and oil based. I just take a couple of scoops into my hand and scrub away all over my body. I take special care to also do my feet, I swear, you don't even have to use a pumice stone or anything, this makes your feet feel SO soft.  I then rinse off really well (water will bead off your skin due to the oil), and wrap my hair up in a towel and then towel off my body. You are left with very soft, supple skin.  A body lotion is totally optional, you don't even need one. Note:  if you do not like feeling slightly oily and/or greasy, either adjust the recipe to your liking...add more sugar - less oil...or skip the scrub altogether. Once you towel off you are not oily or greasy, but I know some people hate the thoughts of being oily at all.  I personally love it and prefer it as opposed to a cream moisturizer or lotion. Soft, glowing, buttery skin is my thing. 

If you have any questions just let me know!  I got my sugar, vitamin E, and almond flavoring at Walmart.  My vanilla coconut oil I ordered from Vitacost. Have a great week, everybody!
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Vitacost Haul

Hey guys!  Hope you had a great week!  I thought is share today some things that I recently ordered from Vitacost. If you're not familiar with Vitacost, it's a website where you can order lots of natural products at a really great price. I am really starting to get into natural skincare (essential oils, carrier oils, etc).  I have only been using this stuff for a couple of days now, so I can't say how it's doing just yet. But, I will keep you updated! 

What I got: (pictured):
Sweet Almond Oil - to use as a carrier oil as well as an all over body oil and a hair/scalp treatment
 Raw Honey - to eat and to use for facial scrub
 Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel (alcohol free) - facial toner
 Desert Essence Coconut Hair Lotion (100% vegan) - for use out of the shower on wet hair to smooth/detangle
 Monoi Vanilla Coconut Oil - all over body oil, for homemade sugar scrub for shower, for hair, etc.
 Rosehip Oil - carrier oil, facial moisturizer
 Argan Oil - carrier oil, facial moisturizer
 Frankincense Oil - essential oil to be mixed with a carrier oil, facial treatment
Carrot Seed Oil - essential oil to be mixed with a carrier oil, facial treatment

I am so excited to experiment with this all natural skincare regimen.  These products go back to the beginning of time, this is stuff Cleopatra actually used!  Plus, it's a fraction of the cost you spend on products from Ulta and Sephora.  I have done quite a bit of research on these items (many thanks to Pinksofoxy for all the info!)  If you want to know more about these items then leave me a comment below or send me a message.  I am going to pick up a few more items from Vitacost in the near future, when I do I will share those with you as well!  Let me know your favorite carrier and essential oils, as well as how you use them and your regimen.  Thanks for stopping by!
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