Tender Tennessee Christmas

Hey guys!  We just got back in this evening from a wonderful weekend in the Smokies. Everything is decorated so pretty this time of year, perfect atmosphere for a family get together!  

Our first night at the cabin. My nephew Gunnar admiring the pretty tree. (LOVE him).

Out and about and ready to get this show started!

Aargh! Goofing off at the Incredible Christmas Place. We LOVE it here and make it a point to come every time we're in town. We actually made two trips this time, lol.  If you haven't ever been I highly recommend it...it's like being at Santa's workshop!  So beautiful and you can nab a cup of hot chocolate or hot apple cider outside.  I got me a few more ornaments (4)...

An adorable little 'Elf on the Shelf' snow globe. 

He changes colors too. So cute!  ( I LOVE ELVES!!!)

It basically turns every color in the rainbow, I took a couple of shots of him with different colors for you to see. 

I also adore Charlie Brown, and I found this Linus necklace. Unsure if I'll wear it on Christmas or just take the cord off it and put it on a hook and hang it on the tree as an ornament. Either way, I love it!

Loved this flour sack hand towel I found with an eggnog recipe on it. They had several variations on the recipes: Santa's Cookies, Gingerbread, White Fruit Cake, etc. 

The kids (of course) found toys galore. Favorite things they walked away with?  These adorable boy and girl plush 'Elves on the Shelf'. Now they have a couple they can actually touch!

Some of my family in front of Wonderworks, or "the upside down house" as my niece and nephew call it. We hit The Comedy Barn, Indoor Skydiving, and Tony Romas as well!

OOTD:  Shirt Old Navy, Leggings Target, Chinese Laundry Boots. 

Wonderworks fun, lol. 

Cassondra on stage at The Comedy Barn!

Gunnar skydiving!

Me and Cassondra at Tony Roma's. Hate they are closing at the end of the year :(

Heading out for breakfast and it was snowing!  So beautiful!  OOTD:  Shirt JCrew, Scarf Walmart, Skinny Jeans American Eagle, Chinese Laundry Boots. 

Her notes for me at the restaurant on the back of our bill. How sweet is this?  <3 <3 <3

I am finally home, showered, and unpacked.  Feels so good to be home. I got a big mug of hot tea, my Piper dog to snuggle up to, and 48 Hours on the DVR. Life is good.  {feeling blessed}  Hope your weekend was as great as mine!  Here's to the start of a great week!  Take care and stop by again soon!!!

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