Eugenia Kim Felix Hat

Hey everybody!  Hope you're having a great Saturday. It's a beautiful, warm day here in Kentucky. And although I'd rather have a cold and snowy day, it is undeniably gorgeous here in the mountains today.  I wanted to share with you today my FAVORITE beanie in the whole world. It is the Eugenia Kim Felix Beanie. 

How cute is this!$&@?!  It's really thick and black, very well made, and has these adorable little ears on top.  Kind of hard to get in a selfie, but I tried!

I absolutely love this. It's kind of expensive, it retails for about $165. You can find it right now at a couple of different places on sale for around $120. Mine came from www.singer22.com. I know Saks sells these as well.  They are kind of hard to find, most websites are sold out. I'm not for sure which colors are still available, but I know at one time they were available in black, grey, and pink. So anyways, grab you one if you can find it!  You won't be disappointed!  Now if it would only start snowing again so I can wear it. Feels kinda silly wearing a beanie in 70 degree weather, lol. Happy weekend, ya'll!
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