CVS Haul: New Stuff At The Drugstore!

Howdy guys!  Just wanted to pop on here real quick and show you some stuff I picked up at CVS last night. They are just starting to put out the new items at my local stores, so more to come later. I went specifically for the new Maybelline 'In The Buff' Color Sensational lipsticks, no such luck just yet :(

Words can't express my level of excitement pulling in the parking lot, lol. (Walmart scarf, as seen in my recent scarf post).  

The best deals I seen right now at CVS were basically the "buy one get one 50% off". It helped me save a little, but nothing too mind blowing. Let's get to the products. 

I got two Rimmel lip liners. Both in 'East End Snob'.  Best pink lip liner everrrr.  Buy 1 get 1 50% off, so they were $6.79 and $3.39.

I have been waiting for this to come out in stores near me!!!!  I know this hit Asia months ago, and it's finally here!  Baby Skin primer. I love Baby Lips...and, well, Maybelline altogether (it's by far my favorite drugstore brand), so I couldn't wait to get this. Perhaps it will be replacing my NYX matte as my daily primer??  We will see!  Got it for $3.39!

As you may have heard, CG has come out with this whole new line 'truMAGIC'....and they have the clear face perfector thing, the illuminator one, and the bronzer one.  They had the illuminator and bronzer ones in stock at this CVS, but I haven't really heard good reviews on the illuminator. So I got just the bronzer. It feels SUPER silky, almost like it's gonna be a silky see-thru waste of money.  But after swatching it, it dried to a really pretty matte/sattiny finish??  Really pretty. I think I'm gonna really like this one. It's had really good reviews. And even tho the perfector hasn't had the best reviews, I would still like to try it.  This was $11.49. Yikes. 

Are these the new 8 pan palettes for WNW?  Are these limited edition specialty items?  Permanent?  I don't know!  There are 3 of them, I skipped on one cause it looked like something I just wouldn't reach for and use. It was okay, but I really liked these two palettes better. 

'No Neutral Ground'. Really pretty sparkly, shimmery shades. Pretty light shades, a pink and purple, as well as some khaki and green shades. Great dark brown matte.

'A Great Glistener'.  Great light shades, greys, purples, browns and a black. Both dark shades are matte. This one is probably my favorite of the two.  They were $4.79. 

This must be new from WNW too. I think everyone is jumping on the Balm Stain train!  woo-woo!  They had several shades to pick from, I grabbed one to try. I went with 'Nudist Colony'.  Nude lips are my favorite, or light pink. They had several dark/wine/red shades.  I have bought so many lip products this fall and winter in that color scheme, I wanted something more plain and light for daily use. They also had a vivid pink, but I skipped that for now as well.  $2.87.

Oh myyyyy.  Essie has some GORGEOUS new polishes out. I fell in LOVE with this sparkly, glittery one in 'hors d'oeuvres'. It reminds me SO much of my Formula X 'Love Chemistry'.  As an accent or by itself, this is a gorgeous polish. Love. Love. Love.  The blue one is 'lots of lux'.  I think blue can be very Christmasy, and is great for cold weather. This one has a ton of tiny glitter in it.  Dries feeling very rough on your fingertip, definitely needs a good swipe of top coat on it. I tested them both out on a finger and thought they'd be a booger to remove, but they surprisingly came right off. Both gorgeous. Both love!  $8.50/each. 

Hope you guys found this helpful!  Run out and grab this stuff up and give it a try. Let me know what you're loving that's new at the drugstore.  It's a busy weekend here, Christmas party tonight, deep frying turkies and chickens tomorrow. Hey, it's Kentucky, that's how we do, lol. Have a great one everybody!!!! xoxo!
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