Walmart Haul: Odds and Ends

Hey guys! Hope your week is off to a great start. I recently picked up some odds and ends at Walmart that I totally love, and thought I'd share them with you. Nothing major, but stuff I really like nonetheless. This time of year there are so many things at the stores it seems. I personally love it, but my wallet does not :(

As you can see, I am at it again with the home smell-goods. I adore these fall/winter fragrances. Latest obsession? The "Merry Maple Morning" line. I got like everything they offer. Smells DELICIOUS. Also picked up some more Better Homes and Garden wax cubes (Country Kettle Corn, Warm Holiday Welcome, Christmas Morning Latte), Febreze Plug-ins (Winter Frost), a great candle that fits my BBW 3 wick holders (Cookies for Santa), and some Airwick Plug-ins (Homemade Holiday editions: Vanilla Butter Cream Cupcake, something Cinnamon Chestnuts...can't remember right off). Needless to say, it's a smellin good up in hurrr!

I LOVE candycanes. Brachs are by FAR my favorite. I have the red and white Red Hots cinnamon ones all over my tree. I have bought about 6 boxes of these this season (so far). When I want one I just go pick it off the tree and eat it. I found my other favorite flavor yesterday, the Brachs blueberry. Tastes soooooo good. Even though it leaves you with a Smurf mouth, it's totally worth it.

Another obsession of mine? The classic, giant C-9 Christmas bulbs. I found this coffee mug and hand towel, both dirt cheap, and I fell in love! Classic Christmas if you ask me.

C-9 tacky Christmas jewelry? Heck yes! The gaudier the better, baby! And at $3/necklace and $4 for these uber-cool light up earrings, it's a total steal. I tried to capture the bulbs lighting up, in this pic you can kind of see it in the earring on the left.

You can kind of see them lighting up in this pic as well. LOVE.

Every year I put a new calendar on my fridge. Great way to jot notes, keep up with stuff, etc. I found this GREAT one yesterday. It has really big squares for you to write in, and it comes with magnets on the back for your fridge. I always use these big magnet clips to hang my calendars, but they are always sliding down and you are always having to scoot them back up where they belong. This one will not budge. Another feature that I love is the clear, plastic strip that holds your pages as you flip thru the months. Such a well thought out calendar.

It also has this pocket on the back page, where you can store any papers/tickets/receipts/etc. SO handy. It has a sheet of stickers to label your calendar with as well. As someone who ADORES organization, this is just perfect for me.

There's nothing much better than great smelling laundry. I am fanatical about washing my bed linens, all my throws, etc. on a regular basis, because I LOVE cuddling up with cozy, great smelling covers. I ALWAYS use these scent boosters in my washes, usually switching between the Gain and Downy brands. At the grocery store the bottles of these are relatively small (especially considering what you have to pay for them). At Walmart they have the big-daddy bottles that last so much longer. Only negative? My favorite Downy scent is the purple one, and it doesn't come in the big bottle. So, this 'Shimmer' scent is my next favorite in the Downy line and it is the one I get. Toss your throws in the wash with a big scoop of this, you will be in HEAVEN.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Like I said, nothing major here but what I did find I absolutely love. What goodies have you found at the store lately?
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