Cute Inexpensive Gift

Hey guys!  I was just wrapping some gifts and thought I would share one with you. If you're looking for something inexpensive and cute that almost any girl would love, maybe you could consider this!

First of all, how cute is this packaging??  I found these adorable bags that velcro shut at Walmart, and these 3d gift tags at BBW.  All the tags I got were the same, but the bags had different patterns on them. I've used and handed out all but this one. They made adorable gifts tho, if I might say so myself!

The velcro closure. Love. 

When BBW was having one of their sales I grabbed a bunch of seasonal hand sanitizer and lip glosses. I randomly tossed them into these gift bags and gave them out to aunts, cousins, etc. Cheap and inexpensive, but cute and useful this time of year. 

Look who I caught gettin in the Christmas spirit!  Piper-doo!

How cute is she with antlers!  Love my baby girl ;)))))))

My Darcy girl as a reindeer. I have a funny feeling they hate this thing, lol. 

Hope this was helpful!  Have a good one, peeps! xoxoxoxox!
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