Hello Everybody! My blog has been ACHIN' for a new post and I finally took the time to give it a little bit of a facelift! A much, much needed facelift lol. I am so happy with the bows and girly touches, please let me know if you enjoy the layout as much as I do. Today I wanted to share a decor ideas post, as I have recently been working on my living room and I am SO happy with the results. This room is eclectic and charming and I absolutely love it. The vaulted ceiling, the open floor plan, and the magnificent fireplace make this room one of the standouts in the house. The furniture is a COMPLETE hodgepodge, hand-me-down pieces and throw aways that I have repurposed and turned into my idea of perfection!

The chair with the ottoman was given to me by a neighbor, and the two blue chairs were actually in my neighbor's trash! I was taking Piper on her morning walk when I seen them - wet from the rain and a bird had actually even went potty on one. Ugh. But I saw the beauty and potential even with all that, brought them home and gave them a good cleaning and they are SPECTACULAR!  I love the simplicity mixed with the bold - this room is the ideal representation of my personality.