Family Night!

Hey ya'll!  Hope this Saturday night finds you well.  I am back home after an evening visiting with my family.  How wonderful it is to be with the people who raised you and who have known you your entire life. Those are the people that end up being closest to you, who really matter. Who stick by you and love you, no matter what. Just wanted to share a few pics of the faces of these folks I'm talking about!

On my way to my hometown!  (My family lives a couple of counties over).  Shirt: Forever 21.  

My mama, me, and my aunt Sandi who's in from out of town. Always so nice seeing her. Love her so. 

Can't forget aunt Kaffy!!!

My niece Cassondra and cousin Hayley. Love these girls!

My nephew Gunnar and cousin Skylar. They are such good boys. 

The little prince, Logan :)))))

My brother Derrick and aunt Kathy!

Mom & Sandi. 

David, my granny, me. My brother and I were blessed to be my grandparent's namesakes: our third names are after them. I couldn't think of any other name I could treasure more. 

Me and my cousin Jarrod (aka J-rod!)  He may be my cousin, but he feels no different to me than a brother. LOVE him. 

Me and David <3

My bracelet he bought me at the restaurant tonight. They are hand painted wooden bracelets with poems/sayings on them. This one has the whole 'love is patient love is kind' poem on it. I fell in love with it!  

Alright guys, I am wore out and ready to hit the sack. I've been up since 4:30 and my eyes are beginning to cross. Thanks for stopping by, as always, and please come back again soon. Love & blessings!
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