(PMD) Personal Microderm Pro & A Thursday Night

Hiya everybody! I am fresh out the shower and am getting ready to do a facial/microdermabrasion and thought I would share some things with you!

Rockin in and out of the shower. That's how I roll. I washed my face with my Clarisonic in the shower, and dried it off really well when I got out. I didn't put anything on my skin in preparation for the PMD.

This only takes a couple of minutes to do, you'd think I'd use it more often. (Lazy). I use this on the higher speed with the small, red disc (roughest one). After I'm done I use a cotton round with some toner to get off all the dead skin, and apply my Mario Badescu vitamin C serum.

Your skin is really sensitive after you do a microdermabrasion, and you can sure feel this stuff when you put it on. (I was like... oh Lord Jesus it's a far!) lol. Brace yourself, just sayin'. Anyways, I finished up with my normal moisturizer and eye cream. I am now ready to watch a couple of things on the DVR from last night. I always enjoy the '10 Most Fascinating People of the Year' with Barbara Walters. Kind of sad it will be the last one. Most stand-out interview she ever did on those shows, in my opinion??
John F Kennedy, Jr - the epitome of a handsome gentleman.
Enjoy your night, guys! Can't believe I reached over 10,000 views today! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Means more to me than you'll ever know. xoxo-

I loved and I have been loved, and all the rest is just background music. 
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