July 2015 Favorites!

Hey guys!
It feels like it's been forever since I actually sat down and did a blog post!  Thanks for hanging with me and continuing to stop by and support me.  It's just been a hectic Summer and I haven't really had the time or opportunity to blog like I normally do.  But, today I definitely wanted to sit down and do my favorites of the month because I definitely had several.  Without further adieu let's start with nails!


Everybody has to have at least one talent in this world, and I think my only one is I can grow some crazy long hair and nails, lol.  For the past year or so I have kept them longer than what I am used to. So, this past month I just went ahead and cut them short and I have been LOVING it.  Short, natural nails just look so neat and clean to me, I have always been a fan of it.  I have to cut my nails every few days to keep them at a short length, and I have to use toenail clippers.  I think I could be one of those people in the Guinness Book of World Records, lol.  As always I filed them off square.

As far as nail polish favorites this was SUPER easy.  The first one is definitely Swan Street by Nails Inc.  It's a so-light-it's-almost-white pale green.  Such a special and unique polish, I absolutely adore this.  I ordered mine from the Nails Inc. website for $14.  If you are interested in picking this up then I would do it quick, I think this is limited edition.

My other nail polish favorite for the month is Chillato by Essie.  It's a super pale yellow/pistachio cream and it is absolutely lovely.  It is from their Summer 2015 collection.  When I took this picture this polish had been on my nails for one week!  Stays on like you wouldn't believe (with a coat of Seche Vite top coat, of course).


When highlight and contour palettes first became all the craze I bought a high end one that I actually ended up returning.  I hardly ever return makeup, but it was something that I paid quite a bit for and just did not use.  It's not that it was a bad product, I just really preferred using my regular bronzers and highlights in my collection over it.  So, I have been hesitant to buy anymore, as I really try not to give into fads and thinking I have to own everything coming and going.  (A problem I used to really struggle with).  So, needless to say, I was leery about picking up another contour/highlight palette.  I purchased the NYX Contour Palette at the beginning of the month, and it is seriously all I have used when I have worn makeup.  I have a use for literally every pan in the palette.  It has super good pigmentation and I couldn't be happier with it!  Most of the other palettes like this on the market have 3-6 pans of product, this one has 8 and it's only $25.  Can't beat it.

I have had 2 favorite blushes this month, the beautiful matte Peaches blush by MAC and Bombshell by Hard Candy.  Peaches is literally the most universally flattering blush on the planet - everyone looks good with a great, matte peach blush.  Peaches wakes you up and gives life to your face like no other, plus it is great for aging skin as the matte formula doesn't settle into fine lines and pores.  SO beautiful.  I love wearing the Bombshell blush whenever I do a red lip (or similar).  This blush swatches very similarly to MAC's Sunbasque and it is soooo pretty.

While everybody else on the planet is on the Champagne Pop train (which is $38 for 0.28oz), I'm over here crazy in love with Wet n Wild's Shimmer Palette in Hollywood Boulevard.  It's a gorgeous golden highlight and it's only $5.62 for 0.4oz.  Gorgeous and so pocket friendly.

My favorite EOS lip balm has always been the Lemon Drop one, and I have been using the heck out of mine this month.  In case you didn't know, the Lemon Drop lip balm has an SPF 15 in it, so it's perfect this time of year.  Great to throw in your beach bag or to keep by you out at the pool.

I received this deluxe sized sample of the Coola Makeup Setting Spray in my last Birchbox, and I have absolutely LOVED it.  It has an SPF 30 and it sets your makeup and mattifies, all ideal for Summer.  I would DEFINITELY purchase this in the future!


I don't remember where exactly I got this, but I have used the Avène Thermal Spring Water facial mist SO much this Summer.  I did a lot of flying in the month of June and this was the best thing in the world to use on flights.  It's the most hydrating/quenching facial water I have ever used, it's like a big drink of water for your face.  I tend to always enjoy any French skincare, and this is one of my favorite things I've ever used.  Head on over to their website to read more about it, but basically this water originates as rain and has went thru a 40 year journey thru the Cevennes Mountain aquifer to achieve a perfectly balanced mineral composition to soothe, soften, and restore skin's natural balance.              
Whatever it is, it's heavenly!

As far as daytime moisturizers go, I have fell in love with the Simple ones from Walmart.  Simple is a brand from the UK and I am pretty sure the only line we get here in the States is the Kind To Skin line in the green and white packaging (they have several other formulas in the UK).  I picked up 2 different moisturizers this month, the Protecting one with SPF 15, and the Hydrating Light Moisturiser with no SPF (I actually ordered this one from the UK online).  These moisturizers are perfect for me during the day, as they are super light and don't make my oily skin greasy.  They soak right in and are sooooo hydrating.  Super gentle, no scent whatsoever, no chemicals, no artificial perfume or dyes, this stuff is probably the mildest moisturizer you could find.  Perfect for me to wear under my makeup or alone, I basically use the one with SPF if I'm not wearing makeup or if I am wearing makeup and my foundation doesn't contain sunscreen.  These basically work the same for me, the only difference being one has sunscreen and one doesn't, although the Hydrating Light Moisturiser is just a hair more hydrating.  If you're looking for a great, lightweight, hydrating moisturizer to wear under your makeup and you have oily skin like me, this might be your new best friend.

If you follow my blog then you seen in my last Empties post that I just finished some makeup removing wipes that I absolutely hated.  It's not that they were all that terrible, but once you get used to these LOVELY ones, it's hard to use anything else.  The Pond's Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes have been my favorite makeup removing wipe for a couple of years now.  I will never buy any other again, no matter how cheap and affordable.  I love these too much and miss them when I use something else.  The only exception to this will be when I travel, as I use the individually sealed La Fresh makeup wipes in my travel toiletry bag.  But for home use this is all I will ever buy again, it doesn't get any better for me.  The cloths themselves are very clothlike - thicker and nicer than your average standard wipe.  It is important to note these are heavily fragranced, which may turn some people off, but it doesn't bother me at all.  I have the world's most sensitive eyes (I can't even use the Neutrogena gentle ones), and these don't bother me whatsoever.  My ride or die, Holy Grail makeup remover wipes PERIOD.

I purchased a 3 piece skincare kit from Ole Henriksen a couple of months ago, and I have been absolutely LOVING the eye cream that came in it.  The Total Truth Eye Crème SPF 15 feels so good when you put it on!  I have purchased several eye creams from this line, and I have to say, I love them.  This one is thick and white, so it's kind of brightening when you put it on.  And even though it's nice and thick, it really absorbs and sinks in rather quickly.  This is absolutely perfect to wear under makeup, and I think the fact it has SPF in it is genius.  The one area of my body that I would like to never see the light of day again would have to be my under eyes, lol.  Will definitely repurchase!

While I'm not crazy about pot-style products that you have to dip into to get the product out, I haven't really minded this one.  I just use a Q-tip to get the product out, to keep from contaminating it with my fingers.

And the last thing I want to mention as far as skincare goes is my Hello Konjac Cleansing Sponge that I received in my Summer FFFVIP box.  It's a Korean sponge made from Konjac vegetable fibers that naturally restores the skin and balances your face's pH level.  You don't even have to use a cleanser or soap with this.  As it dries it hardens, so to use it you just run it under the faucet till it softens up and then use it to gently exfoliate your skin.  I don't know if I have used my Clarisonic at all since I received this!


I have really been trying to use up some of the Shampoo and Conditioner I have hoarded up and the Suave Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil & White Orchid line is actually really good.  I like almost all of the Natural Infusion shampoos and conditioners, but this is by far my favorite.  This makes my hair super silky and soft, and I have way less tangles when I get out of the shower if I use these.  Great, solid, affordable haircare you can get at the drugstore.


I had to mention this, as it has been a definite favorite of mine this month!  My mom gave me a nightgown that she had before me and my brother were born (my brother is 38, so this gown is approximately 40 years old!!!)  There's something so glamorous about this long, silky, flowy number. One of the most comfortable things I have ever slept in.

(from the post I did on Instagram about the gown)


I tried to link this candle for you from Bath and Body Works, but it is not currently on their site.  That doesn't mean a whole lot, a lot of times their candles kind of reappear from time to time, so if you are interested in getting it just keep an eye out for it.  This Summer I have been burning SO many fruity and beachy scents, and this was the PERFECT scent to kind of change things up a bit.  Food type scents are my favorite, but this one is a great Summer take on that type of candle.  Creamy and delicious without the Fall-ish smell of cinnamon or pumpkin.  YUM.


I'm on kind of a lemon kick.  These Fiber One Lemon Bars are SO good!  The only bad thing I can say about them is they are not too big (boo), but other than that honey these are grrrrreat.  The lemon flavor is spot on, great if you're needing something sweet after dinner.

And for a less healthy option, I have also enjoyed this Limoncello Pound Cake mix I found at Sam's Club.  You get 3 mixes in this box and this cake is soooooooo good.  Granted, if you're not a lemon fan you might not like this, but if you are then definitely try this!  This is super easy to make, you just melt some butter and stir in the dry cake mix, pour in a pan and bake it.  For the glaze you just mix water or Limoncello with the dry glaze mix and pour over the cake when it's cooled.  I am not much for really thick cake icing, I much prefer something along these lines.  Delicious.

And the last thing to mention is this yogurt/granola combo I've been noshing on.  My sweet tooth REALLY kicks in at night, and I have been trying to reach for healthier stuff than like a candy bar or ice cream.  This really hits the spot and takes care of my cravings, plus it fills you up and leaves you satisfied as well.  The yogurt is just the vanilla flavored Activia and the granola is Viki's Granola in the maple cranberry flavor.  It is slap dab full of yummy walnuts which is probably why I love it so much.  I find this at my local grocery store here in Kentucky (Food City).

Alright guys, that's my standout favorites for the month.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!
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Crazy Helium Booth: No A/C

Well, I am trying to make the best out of a very BAD situation!  Our A/C (air conditioning) has been out for 2 days now, and I think the heat has just about got to me!  I hope you enjoy this silly little #crazyheliumbooth video I made!

Look for every opportunity to laugh!
Even when you're really uncomfortable and miserable, remember there are always things to smile about <3
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Favorite Summer Nail Polishes 2015!

Hey guys!  Today it's all about Summer nail polishes!  This time of year I love pretty, bright nails and I wanted to share with you which ones have stood out to me lately.  I should probably start out by saying while I do love glittery/shimmery polishes, creamy ones are my favorite.  They go on so clean and smooth and are so much easier to remove than glittery ones.  Here lately I have really loved chic white polishes and so-light-they-are-almost-white polishes as well.  And lastly, no seasonal nail polish collection is complete without a blue - my FAVORITE nail polish hue.  Here are what I consider the best of the best for Summer shades this year.

My favorite white polish.  This is the easiest creamy, brilliant white polish to apply that I have ever found.

This polish is so light it's almost white, but it is actually a super pale green.  This is such a different/unique polish.  Grab it while you can, as I think it is limited edition.  A total must have if you love light polishes!

Described as a neon aquamarine blue, I truly am addicted to I'm Addicted.  Ugh.  Probably my favorite nail polish of life.  This color makes me happy :-)

4.  Essie in Chillato, $8.50
Chillato is described as a frozen cream pistachio, but to me it is a light, whitish, creamy yellow.  Compared to Swan Street this is much more brighter and it is more yellow than white.  This looks so beautiful with tan skin and gold jewelry!

Thanks for stopping by today, guys!  Let me know what polishes you have been loving and if you recommend me trying any!  If you have any questions just let me know!

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A Few New Makeup Items I've Picked Up! (Sephora, Ulta, Walgreens)

Hey guys!  Today I thought I would share with you a few makeup items I have picked up over the past couple of months or so.  I am terrible at doing this, I always think to myself how I need to remember to haul certain items I get, then, inevitably, I always forget to.  I'm sure I'm missing a few things here and there, but these are the products that I could at least remember to mention, lol.  I will try to link everything I got in case you are interested in getting any of this stuff for yourself.

First up, some stuff I got at Sephora.

For forever now I have been wanting to try the Dior Airflash foundation, so I went ahead and just bought it.  In case you aren't familiar with it, it's their foundation that comes in an aerosol can that is supposed to give you an airbrushed finish without having to use an actual airbrush machine to apply your makeup.

I picked up the shade #300 Medium Beige, and it actually works really well for me.  I love this foundation, it gives great coverage and it really holds up well with my extremely oily skin.  Worth the investment, but not something I will use every time I put on my makeup.  I will probably reserve this for fancier occasions due to the $$$.

As I have mentioned before, I am a VIB Rouge with Sephora so I always get free shipping.  That foundation was all I got in this order, so here are the samples I chose.

I either had a promo code or I used some of my points (can't remember) to get a deluxe sample of the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner.  I was super excited because I never gave into the hype and ordered this, and I have really been wanting to try it!

This sample came in the color Beyond Brown and I was SO happy with that, I actually like brown liners better than black!

The orange tip is to be removed prior to using, that is just the packaging where it's new.  I haven't tried this yet but I am going to the next time I wear makeup.

In a separate order I actually broke down and ordered a high end mascara, the Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume.  I so rarely do this, as I am pretty faithful to my beloved Maybelline mascaras at the drugstore.  Years ago I used to only use high end ones, but once I started finding these really great ones at the drugstore I really kind of stopped spending so much on mascara.  Temptation got the best of me and I went ahead and got this, mainly based on the reviews alone on Sephora's website.  I have only tried this once, like right after I got it I just swiped some on.  It was really good, but the next time I actually do a full face of makeup I will really test it out.  It's got some big shoes to fill if it wants to beat out my tried and true The Rocket.  We will see!

Totally random - they had this travel bottle on clearance for $1 so I went ahead and picked it up as well.  We travel a lot and things like this always come in handy.  (I think these sold out because I couldn't find them on the site anymore).

I picked up the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick 100pt. perk. 

It came in the color Shadow, a really pretty smokey gray.  It's waterproof and is supposed to stay on for 8 hours without creasing, flaking, or fading.  Again, we will see!

I picked up a 2nd 100pt. perk with this order as well and got a Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara.  

In case you are unfamiliar with this mascara, it is the one that has the ball at the end of the wand.  That's it - there are no other bristles whatsoever, just this ball at the end.  I actually purchased this in the past and I remembered not really caring for it.  But, I figured where it was only 100pts it couldn't hurt trying it again.  Needless to say....some things never change.

I had a promo code to get a deluxe skincare item (I think the code was yourgift).  I immediately chose the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield with SPF 30.  I had received one of these earlier this Summer in like a gift with purchase type of thing I think, and I really love it.  So now I've got two!  A (1oz) bottle of this costs $65!

And a couple of the samples I got with this order.  (I can't remember what else I got).

Both of these smell sooooooo good!!!

I am so excited about this next item!  I have loved it SO much since picking it up!

I picked up the NYX Highlight &  Contour Pro Palette at Ulta recently and I could not be happier with it.  If you follow my blog then you might remember I actually bought the Anastasia Contour Kit when it came out, but I found myself NEVER reaching for it and eventually returned it.  It was nice and I'm not saying anything bad about it, I just found myself liking my bronzers and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders better.  I can't believe I'm going to say this....but I actually like this NYX palette better than anything right now!  I am very middle of the road in terms of my skin tone, I am super easy to color match, most things just kinda work on me.  (I am blessed in that aspect).  But, I guess where I have dark hair, kind of darker/olive skin, dark eyes, dark lashes, dark brows, etc., a lot of bronzing/contouring/highlighting products don't really show up on me.  These totally do!  I am just so impressed with this thing, I can't recommend it enough if you like a more sculpted face.  I don't like anything super harsh or defined, but I do want to notice a product without having to layer and layer and layer it on, you know?  This is the perfect contour/highlight palette in my book, and at just $24.99 for 8 (removable) pans, it is a total steal.

Just so you are aware, here are the price comparisons for the most popular contouring and highlighting palettes out right now:

Anastasia Contour Kit (6 pans of product) - $40
Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette (6 pans of product) - $46
It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Palette (6 pans of product) - 38

This is just one swipe with each color!  LOVE this.

In the palette you get both warm and cool toned contouring powders, so there truly is something in here for everyone.  I like using the warmer colors to warm up the face, using them the same way I would a bronzer.  Then I take the cooler toned one (bottom row, 3rd pan over) to contour the hollows of my cheeks.  On the top row you get a slightly shimmery white highlight (1st pan), a matte white (2nd pan), a matte banana powder (3rd pan), and a slightly shimmery light skin tone shade (4th pan). I can go into more detail on how I like to use these powders in a later post if you would like me to!  I actually use everything in this palette.  Again....if you couldn't already tell.....I LOVE THIS!

Hands down, this is going to be THE prettiest highlight you can buy at the drugstore PERIOD.  People, this WetnWild Fergie Shimmer Palette in Hollywood Boulevard is gorgeous.  A supposed dupe for the elusive Whisper of Gilt highlight by MAC, this is an absolutely stunning goldie highlight.  Plus, it's WNW so it's also super affordable ($5.99).

I seriously have not used any of my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders since purchasing this baby, and those are my Holy Grail highlights!   This is so pretty, cannot recommend enough.

And then the last couple of things I wanted to mention were some nail polishes I have recently been rocking.  I love creamy polishes that are so light they are almost white, and both of these are just that.  The first one is Swan Street by Nails Inc., and the 2nd one is Chillato by Essie.  Swan Street is a barely there green that comes off much more white.  Such a unique and different polish, I can't recommend trying this one enough.  Chillato is more of a yellow green, and while it still has that creamy whitish look, it's definitely brighter on the nails and shows more color than Swan Street.  Both so unique and different, both would be perfect additions to anyone's nail polish collection!

Thanks for stopping by guys!  Have a great week!
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