Worst Brush/Best Brush Purchase

Hey guys! So while I was putting on my makeup yesterday, I noticed a couple of brushes in my caddy that I think of on opposite ends of the spectrum. This got me thinking about my best and worst individual brush purchases. Anyone who owns a Sigma brush collection knows these are like the BEST brushes you can buy. I am talking about single brush purchases in this post. Hands down it was the easiest to pick my worst brush purchase. However, I had to include 4 in my best. It was just too hard!

Worst: Smashbox Face & Body Brush #19

What it is: basically a big kabuki brush with a handle. While it works fine and is decent to use, this brush was $52! That is outrageous for a single makeup brush if you ask me. But, I had seen so much about it on YouTube and it had such great reviews, at the time I thought it was something I just HAD to have. Turns out it sheds and I never use it. I prefer the big ole powder brush that came in my Sigma brush collections.

Best: Sigma E45, MAC 224

Best: Sigma F80, MAC 217

I use these brushes every single day of my life. I cannot imagine putting my makeup on without them. The price varies on each one from $20-$30 or so. Definitely more budget friendly than the Smashbox, and DEFINITELY more used. Let me know what your best/worst makeup brush purchases are. Thanks for stopping by and come back again SOON (: Muah!
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