Perfect Wedding Lip: YSL Rouge Volupte and Golden Gloss

Good morning, everybody! I hope you are all doing well. This morning I thought I would share with you what I consider to be the perfect "Wedding Lip" look. I purchased both of these products specifically for my wedding day, as they are too expensive for everyday use (in my opinion). On a day to day basis I am strictly a drugstore gal...think the $1 Elf lipstick in 'Classy' (no kidding). But when it comes to your wedding day I think you should have whatever you want to make it feel special and glamorous and perfect. I have chosen Yves Saint Laurent for my wedding day.

YSL Rouge Volupte in #1 - Nude Beige
YSL Golden Gloss in #20 - Golden Macademia

This lipstick is perfection in a tube. So luxuriously soft and opaque, the perfect pinky nude for a dramatic smokey eye - which is the look I will be wearing. The packaging is superb, this lipstick is pretty enough to be a decoration. Don't be fooled by the name "Nude Beige".....it is definitely more a pinky nude. Favorite lipstick EVER, and for good reason. With a price tag of $34/tube (I got mine from Sephora) it should be everything you want it to be. Luckily, it sure is.

The only negative (other than the $$$) that I have is with the lipgloss. I am a doe foot applicator girl hands down, I am not much for a brush applicator which this unfortunately has. Not a deal breaker, but I would MUCH rather have a doe foot applicator. Also, the gloss is very strong tasting and smelling to me, and not in a good way. It's hard to describe, but it tastes very chemically to me. In the end I think it's worth it for the beautiful color it gives, and like I said, this is not an everyday lipstick and lipgloss. This is a wedding/special occasion item and something I will use on rare occasion. Overall I think they are both lovely products. Let me know what you recommend or used on your wedding day. I thank you for stopping by and spending your time with me. Please come back soon! xoxo and BLESSINGS!
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