NYX Single Eyeshadow Storage

Hey guys!  While cleaning up some of my makeup and organizing, I thought I would pop on here with a storage idea for you guys. While I do de-pot large amounts of my makeup, some of it I don't like to. If I really like the packaging of some types/brands, I leave it in it's original packaging. NYX is one of those brands. I have almost all of their single eyeshadows, and I thought I would show you all a cheap/inexpensive way to store them. 

I found these ice cube trays at K-Mart, 2/$1.  I really liked them because they are small and concise, no big handles on the end. They each hold 14, and I'm working on filling up my 4th one!  You can separate by color, favorites/most used, etc. 

Hope you found this tip helpful!  Thanks and have a great (snowy) day!

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  1. Love this idea. I am particularly fond of my NYX, Urban Decay, and MAC Packaging, and have the hardest time finding a way to get to them/see the color easily. I will have to give this a try! You should do a post and/or a YT Video on an updated makeup collection and storage ideas! Mama needs help ;)

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