Ulta, Target and Old Navy Haul

Hey guys! After a little run-in with a deer and our car....(boo).... we had to take our vehicle to the body shop a few towns over to be repaired, and while I was there I took advantage of the situation and picked up a few things. Nothing major, but I thought I would share with you some of the things I found! I linked every item I purchased, then when I published my post NONE of the links worked. Don't know, but so sorry, I tried! On with the haul...we will start with Ulta.

Nyx is really becoming one of my FAVORITE makeup brands. Everything I own from them is either pretty good or great, and my newest obsession with them are their "Love in Paris/Florence/Rio" eyeshadow palettes. Until yesterday I only had one - the Love in Paris "Let Them Eat Cake" palette. Yesterday I picked up 3 of these: Love in Paris "Madeleines and Macaroons", Love in Florence "Meet My Romeo", and Love in Rio "Moonlit Skinny Dip". All Nyx cosmetics were on sale buy one get one 50% off. The Love in Paris palettes originally go for $9.99, I got mine for $7.66. The Love in Florence palettes are normally $7.99 and I got mine for $6.12. The Love in Rio trios are $5.99 and I got mine for $4.59. Great shadows, great pigmentation, great color payoff without chalkiness or fallout. Love, love, love them. And do we even need to mention the packaging???? The little bow detail on the side - ADORABLE.

When I first walked into the store there was a display table of various products with a sign "5/$5". There were baskets of various travel size products, some hair serums/face wash/cuticle brushes, etc. That's where I seen the oh-so-cute nail clippers and files with the girl on them. I have seen these in various YouTube videos and never knew where they came from. They are by Sweet and Shimmer and had a blonde or brunette girl to choose from, I chose the brunette (obviously). Since it was 5/$5, I picked up 2 clippers and 2 files (one set for my bag and one set for the house) and I also picked up a dual pencil sharpener. Originally priced the files and clippers were $2.99 each and the sharpener is $2.50. I got it all for 5 bucks.

I have been working for the past week or so trying to organize my makeup. Well, regretfully, I think somewhere in the midst of trying to organize my Nyx single eyeshadows I may have accidentally thrown away between 14-28 of them. I have been putting them in ice cube trays for storage, and I cannot find 2 of the trays. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that's not the case, but I think it is. BOO. Anyways, since I couldn't find my Aloha or True Taupe shadows (I use those fairly frequently) I went ahead and picked up a couple more of those. If my others turn up I'll just have backups I guess. Again, they were buy one get one 50% off. I got them for $2.49/each. I also picked up 3 of the matte lipsticks: Natural, Whipped Caviar, and Bloody Mary. I accidentally left Bloody Mary in the car, so I only snapped a pic of the other two (sorry). Those retail for $5.99/each. I got them for $4.59/each.

As an oily faced gal, I am constantly combating shine and I really love Nyx Shine Killer primer and matte makeup setting spray. I picked up backups of those.

I always keep travel size Batiste Dry Shampoo in my travel toiletry bag, so I grabbed a couple backups of those, as well as a new Mario Badescu Facial Spray.

And lastly from Ulta I grabbed me some facial razors and a Jack Black lip balm. Love both of these!

Next I will show you what I got at my FAVORITE store, Target! I only grabbed a handful of things, but I really like what I found. Hurry before all these goodies get grabbed up! I got me a Mossimo silky black/white tank top and a faux-leather trimmed black blazer. So chic. Can't wait to wear these with a pair of skinny jeans and my Sam and Libby black booties.

If you know me at all then you know I LOVE Charlie Brown. Especially anything Charlie Brown Christmas. Well I found me a t-shirt with him and Snoopy (love) and a new fair-isle sweater that I originally bought to wear on Christmas. I don't know if it was the lighting in the store or what, but once I got it home and got it out of the bag it is more of an orange-red instead of the red-red it appeared to be. I dunno, I might still sport this to open gifts with the fam.

I am a scarf loving fanatic. Loop, square, rectangle, silk, satin, infinity, flannel, solid, patterned, whatever - I like them all. I am a little selective in my choices tho, especially when it comes to quality and print. My favorite scarf that I own is a Theodora & Callum. It's luxe, exquisite, and a definite investment. At $175 for a scarf, it's something to be treasured for a lifetime.

I found this Merona Scarf at Target, and while not quite the quality of a T&C, it is mighty close. And at just $14.99, it's quite the steal.I love the shades of red and blue in this, and I ADORE them together.

Bullseye, the Target dog, has always reminded me of my beloved Piper. They're both little white doggies with black eyes and noses, and just incredibly cute. (I am still trying to figure out what to use to make Piper a bullseye around her eye. I think it would be the cutest halloween costume for her). Anyways, whenever I am traveling or have to spend the night away from Piper, I grieve for her. Literally. Wake up all night reaching for her, missing her next to me. Sooooo, I found an adorable stuffed Bullseye to pack in my suitcase when I am traveling. I know that probably sounds absurd, but no one knows how much I love her and how much I miss her when we are apart. I think this will help me when I have to be.(It came with a snowboard and jacket, I removed them so it would be more Piper-ish).

....and my beloved...

And finally I just got 2 things from Old Navy. As a child I LOVED a Koosh ball, I was so excited to find one in the checkout! And the only other thing I got was the Barn Vest, which was on sale from $45 to $25. I love this because it is silky on the inside. Most quilted vests you find like this feel like a sweatshirt inside and absolutely burn me up when I wear them. This vest is thin and pretty and will be perfect for someone hot-blooded like me, lol. The gold detailing makes this vest very expensive looking.

Thank you for stopping by today! Please come back again soon. Much love -
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