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As a naturally super-dark brunette who is starting to have a major battle with grey hair (boo), my hair stylist has recently began highlighting my dark tresses in an attempt to make the grey less noticeable. The thought of bleaching and damaging my hair is downright depressing, but there really is no other option. There are a few new things I am doing in my haircare routine to keep my hair as healthy as I can. I thought I would share these tips with you in case you are in the same boat that I am. As I have mentioned in a couple of previous blog posts, I believe in saving money where you can and making wise decisions on products you plan on splurging on. In the past I only used salon shampoo and conditioner, and rarely did I use any other hair care products. Through time I have slightly changed my ways of thinking and have drastically changed my hair care routine. Basically - if it is a plain, daily shampoo/conditioner, something that is just gonna go down the drain, I buy it on the cheap. I invest in the leave-in products I use on my hair, as well as deep conditioning or protein treatments.

As you can see from this shot, with the exception of a few, most of my shampoo/conditioners are drugstore. (I store extra shampoo/conditioner around my tub so these are not products I am currently using. Everything I am currently using is in the shower, but it is very similar to these). I always buy the conditioning/moisturizing versions of any shampoo/conditioner, anything for dry/damaged hair.

These are the treatments that I am currently using. I try to do the Joico protein treatment once a week and one of the deep conditioners once a week. I have always washed my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY. My entire life. I have NEVER not washed my hair. I am extremely oily and it kills me to not wash my noggin every mornin. Buuuuut, I am really trying to go 2-3 days between washes. I am a dry shampoo-aholic. But hey, whatever works. So since I am going a couple of days between washes, basically every time I wash my hair it's either protein treatment day or deep condition day. I do both of these in the shower: I get in and shampoo my hair first thing, put my treatment of choice on my hair, then I shower. This gives my treatment like 10 mins or so to do it's thing. I rinse and I am on my way. I LOVE all 3 of these products. This is my 2nd tub of the Joico, 3rd of the Loreal, and I don't know how many of the Macadamia. (I always get the GIGANTIC tub of that, the big-daddy one). With all the bleaching and the extra-hot heat styling I do, my hair is in perfect condition. It is soft and feels great and I think these products are to thank for that.

After I wash my hair I ALWAYS put me a bunch of goodies in it. I never, ever, ever wash my hair that I don't put in my "It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product". Have to have it, it does great things for my hair. Again, I buy the big-daddy bottles of this and 1 bottle lasts me over a year. I am a creature of habit and slightly OCD, I always use 7 pumps lol. It's my thing, no rhyme or reason, just what I chose and do every single time! As soon as I pull my towel off my head I pump this in my hand (7x, yes) and rub it through my hair before I pick it out. Next I always put some type of oil in my hair, don't care what kind, but I ALWAYS use some type of oil. My favorites are the Macadamia, argan, Josie Maran, coconut, and even the Tarte Maracuja oil. I know it's for your face, but it's great to run thru your ends to keep them moist. As I have mentioned before, my hair is naturally curly and I use really high heat styling tools. I never fix my hair that I don't use a heat protectant. I always double up my protection with my TRESemme heat tamer spray and my "It's a 10".

Hope you guys found this helpful! No product works the same for everyone, but these are the ones that work for me. You never know what's going to work for you until you try it, so if you are looking to keep your hair healthy I recommend giving these a whirl. Hope you all have a great week and please stop by again soon!

(Before and after highlights)
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