New Mac Palettes vs Old Mac Palettes

Hey everyone! While in the midst of trying to put some order to some of my makeup palettes, I took a few minutes to look at some of my MAC ones. I only have one new one (accidentally ordered 2 blush trays for the single palette...grr). If you are unsure what I am referring to I will include a couple pictures:



While the new one is sleek and VERY pretty, I just really like the simplicity of the older ones. With the black they both get messy looking, but the newer ones STAY smudged. Like really, really bad. And while I like that the lid is see-thru perhaps better than the other, the blushes are ridiculously hard to get out of the new ones. I don't know if you can see or not, but I stabbed my Mocha and Dollymix blushes with tweezers trying to lift them out of the palette. (I can't everrrrr remember their names without looking). Your shadows and blushes pop right out of the old ones thanks to that handy little groove feature. Overall I like them both, but I guess it doesn't matter since you can't get the old ones anymore...sigh.

What do you guys think? Which one do you prefer?
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