Bloggin is No Easy Business

So as I was working on some posts today on my blog, I noticed that my widgets had mysteriously jumped to the bottom of my page. I was like, HUHHH? I went back into my template and layout, and I hadn't changed my preferences for the widgets to be in the right-hand column. I am still new to this and had NO CLUE what to do. Wellllllll, after what seemed like hours of trying to figure it out, I finally did. If you have ever been typing a post and received this dreaded error:
...then there's your problem. It gives you the option to dismiss (which I always do), and for some reason that makes your widgets jump to the bottom. Tedious work to go and figure out which blogs are corrupted and need fixing, but I have finally done it! SOOOO aggravating. This blogging doesn't come easy for me, can you tell??? It's worth it in the long run tho. Hehe.
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