Small Sephora Haul & Review!

Hey guys!  I have recently purchased a few things from Sephora and thought I would share them with you today!  I have really cut back on the amount of makeup I have been buying, I have accumulated so much that it is hard to use everything.  It doesn't make sense to just keep buying and buying and buying when I only wear makeup once or twice a week usually.  So, if I buy something, then it's definitely something I need or reallyyyyyyy want to try.  Anyways, here are the items I have most recently purchased.

Sunscreen is something that you have to buy every year, as it loses it's effectiveness over time.  I use Neutrogena SPF 100 on my body and I totally love it, but I always use something different for my face - one that is specifically designed to be used on the face.  This one by Coola feels great!  It goes on so smooth and I feel so protected in the sun.  I had melanoma at the age of 26, so I am very particular about my sunscreens.  My skin drinks up the sun, while I am standing out in it I can feel it tingling my skin all over, taking it in, absorbing it.  I guess this is why I ended up with skin cancer, my skin is like a magnet.  I don't tend to burn, I actually tan very easily.  When I use and wear this particular sunscreen there is actually no tingling, so I know nothing is getting through.  This is a natural BB Cream and it has a slight (extremely minimal) tint.  This only comes in one shade, but like I said, the tint is so minimal I don't notice it at all on my skin tone.  This is labeled as a 'matte' sunscreen and I would agree with that.  I have oily skin so I hate sunscreens that are greasy and feel like they are sitting on top of your skin.  This one glides on smooth as silk and you feel nothing.  Perfect.

More often than not I am never really impressed with a lot of foundation primers.  I have bought SO many over the years and for the most part haven't found many that have appeared to do anything.  I did a HUGE primer purge last year and got rid of 14 tubes, lol.  I still have a few, but there really are so few that I have ever noticed benefited my makeup in any way.  So, needless to say, I was very leery about buying this new primer by Smashbox (I actually don't like the original Photo Finish one at all).  This particular one, the Oil-Free Pore Minimizing one, came in 2 sizes for purchase, and this little guy was under 20 bucks.  I figured it was worth the risk since I could buy this smaller size, and I have actually really liked this.  Products that say 'matte' or 'oil-free' have so many times actually made my skin greasy, lol.  This primer doesn't do that, and it does a really nice job filling in your pores.  One thing I have noticed though, this can kind of ball up on the skin here and there.  All you have to do is brush it away with your fingertips, but it is something you might notice.  For me this is definitely comparable to Benefit's Porefessional.  Also worth mentioning, the primer itself is not purple, that is just the packaging.  The product is a light tan color, again, similar to the Porefessional.

The only brow pencil there is.  Period.
This is the only one I have used for a couple of years now.  Works great, if you don't have it yet then you need it in your life.

I currently have Rouge status with Sephora, so all of my orders ship for free.  Whenever I need something I order it, even if it's just one item, because I never pay for shipping.  I get to use a lot of coupon codes and I accumulate a lot of samples this way, lol.  There was a coupon code for this foundation, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a generous sample.

I have used this once, and I really did like it.  This is a luminous foundation and where I already battle oily skin, I think this will work best for me in the Fall and Winter months.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (250 point perk, mini bottle)

My favorite scent for Spring and Summer, I couldn't wait till they brought this 250 pt. perk back around!  These baby Dior bottles are adorable!

I mean seriously...how sweet is this??

I have the largest bottle Sephora has (the 3.4oz) and I have the smallest bottle Sephora has, lol.  These bottles are just so pretty!  The scent is so pretty and is described as having Sicilian orange essence, pink peony, Damascus rose, and white musk.  I don't know if I necessarily smell all of those things, lol, but it just smells good.  Clean and crisp and mature, this is a sophisticated classy scent without being too strong or overpowering.  Perfect for this time of year!

I tend to like most things that I have tried from Caudalie, so I was not surprised at all that I liked this moisturizer as well.  If you are not a scent person when it comes to your face products, you are not going to like this one.  It is heavily scented, like straight up perfume, but a really nice perfume if you ask me.  It doesn't bother me at all, but if you're not into that sort of thing you might not care for this.  Not too greasy, absorbs right in, I really like this product.

This sparkly lip gloss is so pretty!  Very shimmery and pretty, but this particular shade doesn't show up on me really, other than the sparkly bits.

I love super simple, shimmery lips, so I will definitely throw this in my handbag for Spring and Summer.  Also worth mentioning, even though the flecks of glitter/sparkle are kind of large I don't feel them on my lips.  This lip gloss is really easy and comfortable to wear, and I would definitely be interested in buying a full size tube of this, though I would maybe pick a shade or two darker in color.

I haven't tried this foundation yet so I really can't say how I like it.  I am excited to try it though!

Again, I've not used this yet so I can't say how it performs just yet.

And lastly I grabbed 2 more of the Dior Nude Air foundation samples.  I have 4 of these now so I am going to empty all of them into an empty container for easy usage.  When I have several samples of a product I really enjoying doing that, as your samples usually end up lasting you a little longer!

My favorite coupon codes from Sephora are the magazine subscriptions. I actually get 3:  Cosmo, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue.  I've not paid for a magazine subscription in a couple of years. Love. 

That's it for now guys!  Hope you enjoyed and hope you have a safe and happy weekend!
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