Sam's Club Haul: Bounty, Charmin, Tide, Downy, And More!

Kind of an odd haul to have on my blog, but we got a lot of stuff we are always using and I wanted to share it with you!  Sam's Club is a great place to stock up on stuff for the home, and it really does save you so much money.  Here's what we got!

There are certain things I won't budge on no matter how good of a deal it is, two of those being Charmin MEGA rolls of toilet paper and Bounty HUGE rolls of paper towels.  This is literally the ONLY kinds of these products I want in this house, lol.  They are costly but they last so long and they are just the best.

I am the mama of two little doggies and we go through pee-pee pads like you wouldn't believe.  This box of 120 was really affordable, something like $15 or $20?

I accidentally cut off part of the box in this picture, as there are 120 Tide pods in this box (not 20).  Tide Pods are all we use, they're just so handy to toss in the washer and go.

As you can see, I am a total fan of pods.  The Cascade ones are just as handy as the Tide ones, so I was happy to find this tub of 105.

I use Downy Unstopables or the Gain Fireworks in all my laundry and I had no clue they even made this mega size jug.  All I have ever seen at my local Walmart is the 19.5oz or the 26.5oz.  This one is 36.2oz and should last quite a long time.

I take Krill Oil everyday and this bottle of 110 was so much cheaper than what I normally pay.  At my local Walmart I am pretty sure I get a 90 count bottle of this for $30.  I can't remember exactly how much this was but I think it was around $20.

I also take an aspirin everyday, so this bottle of 400 will last me more than a year.  (I checked the expiration date on all of these items and they are good for at least 2 years).

You always need to have some Benedryl (generic name is Diphenhydramine) handy, and this bottle has 600 in it!

David needed a few new goodies so we grabbed him a new pack of socks and underwear, along with a big bundle of the soap and toothpaste he prefers.

The only thing I picked up for myself that was not food or medicine related was this pair of super comfy capris to wear around the house.  Love the color!

Huge tub of pickled eggs.  Pickles, pickled or sour food, it's like some of my favorite stuff on the planet.

Truvia is my favorite sweetener to use in just about anything, and even though I had plenty I went ahead and picked up the biggest box they had (400 packets).

Some edible necessities!

I have recently been buying a really nice organic olive oil at my local grocery store, but the price on this big bottle of Bertolli was too good to pass up.  A brand of olive oil is something I'm willing to budge on.

I love quinoa and this quinoa salad sounded really good!  You actually get 4 packs in this big ole box, and I have already made one pack of it.  It is different but I really like it.  The cranberries, apples, and almonds really add to it.

Huge boxes of snacks and nuts!  100 Slim Jims???  Yes, please!

These were for David <3

I love lemon pound cake so I couldn't pass up this 3-pack.  I have already baked one, and this is SOOOOO delicious!  If you like lemon pound cake then you need this in your life.

And the last things we picked up were a big bag of popcorn and chips.  (I put them next to a regular size of potato chips so you could see the size comparison.  These bags are HUGE).

The chips on the right are actually really good, and I love the ingredients!  Made with red quinoa, chia, flax, and pink Himalayan salt, are gluten free, non GMO, and whole grain.  The popcorn is great too, and at only 39 calories a cup you can't beat it. It's gluten free, non GMO, and kosher. Better snack choices than some of the things I reach for!
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