Ferrero Rocher Containers To Store Makeup!

Hey guys!  Quick (cheap) makeup storage idea here!  I love using clear acrylic containers to store my makeup in, so I'm always on the lookout for things I can use.

Larger Ferrero Rocher candy boxes are grrrreat to use!  Once you clean them up and take the stickers off they look so nice!

I think this looks nice enough to display on top of your vanity even.  The size of this particular one is great for storing eyeliners, lip liners, etc.  

(Perfectly big enough to house MAC eyeliners and lip liners, Urban Decay 24/7 liners, Rimmel liners, Smashbox Always Sharp liners, etc.)  

Personally I would use this by sitting the tray down in a vanity drawer to keep things separated and neat.  I'm not using this particular container at the moment, I just wanted to give you a cheap idea for your makeup storage.  My liners stay housed in my Muji drawers.

There's no need to fork out lots of $$$ if you are on a budget just to keep your makeup organized.  Learn to spot things that may be useful and put them to good use!
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