Sephora Haul: Nars, Benefit, Hair Ties, Shiseido, And More!

Hey guys!  Today I wanted to share with you a few things I picked up at Sephora recently.  For the past several months I have been so happy and content with my makeup collection that I really haven't been wanting anything new.  I have been using and enjoying things that I already own, kind of shopping my stash if you will.  I no longer feel the need to go out and buy every new thing that hits the shelves,  I truly am happy with what I have.  However, (you probably could have guessed that was coming) I do use up items and then there's the occasional item I really want to nab.  I have whittled my collection down quite the bit, and I no longer have the 'more the merrier' mentality.  I just want really good stuff that I really like and will use, that's it.  The stuff I got in these 2 orders are just that - a couple of items that I have used and love and that I know I will get good use of.  I am a Rouge with Sephora so I get free shipping with all of my orders.  That really comes in handy, as they always have so many coupon codes that I want to use!  (Magazine subscriptions, deluxe size samples, etc.).

I have purchased and used so many foundation primers, but at the end of the day my favorite is still Benefit's The POREfessional.  It does such a good job of filling in and hiding your pores and I have really grown to love this.  I have purchased this in the past in the smaller size, and all I had before ordering this were two sample sized ones.  I went ahead and bought the biggest tube they had of this, as it is basically the only primer I use (along with my Smashbox one).

I had a coupon code for a deluxe sample of the Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum (use code GLOWSERUM).  I have several tubes of face stuff like this from various brands, and they really do last a long time.  For the past month or so I have been using one by Dior, and these deluxe samples give you enough product you really have enough time to see if it's going to be something you  are going to like.  Will be using this one after I finish the Dior one.

I have been using my points like crazy!  I have used over 700 within the past two months!  This Vita Liberata Luxury Tan was only 100 points, so I went ahead and picked this up.  It really is a generously sized bottle, so I look forward to trying this.  Vita Liberata self tanners are actually my mom's favorite to use, so I'm pretty excited to see how it does.

Sample #1:  Diorshow Mascara
I have used and enjoyed Diorshow mascara for years now.  I am going to be traveling a few times this Summer, so I thought this would be handy to throw in my travel makeup bag.

I haven't tried this before, but I definitely will use this.  Serums are my favorite skincare product, so I always choose them for my samples when and if they are available!

Another product that I haven't tried but that looked like something I would enjoy!

This was just a little freebie thrown in the bag.  Much appreciated <3

The 2nd order was basically just to get the new (limited edition) Nars Tahiti Bronzer Laguna.

Nars is my favorite high-end brand, so of course I have used and love their Laguna bronzer.  This LE product is basically a really big Laguna bronzer with a travel-sized Ita brush.  I use my full-size Ita brush EVERY single time I do my makeup, so I was actually in the market to buy a 2nd one to keep in my travel makeup bag.  This baby one couldn't have came along at a better time!

For size comparison - a normal Nars Laguna bronzer is $39/0.28oz.  The limited edition one is $59/0.35oz and you get the Ita brush.  A full-size Ita brush retails for $55 on it's own, so this is an excellent buy!

I love Sephora's hair ties so I always pick up a few here and there.  I have all the colors they carry, but the pink ones are my favorite.  They are super cheap ($1) and don't crease your hair.  Love!

I used the coupon code (MUFESKIN) and got a deluxe sample of the Make Up For Ever Mattifying foundation primer.  With that coupon code you could select from a number of different formulations of this primer (nourishing, smoothing, hydrating, radiant, etc.), but I think there are only a couple of variations left.  Haven't tried this yet but really looking forward to seeing how well this works.

I got the same samples with this order that I did on my first order!

That just about does it!  What new products have you been loving from Sephora?
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