Sick Doggie!

So scary!  One of my doggies, Darcy, was feeling bad this week and I was so scared!  The night before we went to the vet's office I cried myself sick.  I love my animals so much and simply cannot stand the thoughts of something bad happening to one of them!

After a day and night of crying, we got up and got ready for our trip to the vet.  Darcy had perked up a little and I was looking a tad better thanks to some mascara and a load of concealer.

Resting peacefully before we left.

I'm so glad he was able to come with me.  I was so scared to take her I didn't want to go alone.

Pretty in her scarf the staff gave her!  So far so good with everything, possibly an adrenal glad disorder.  For  now she is on an antibiotic and something for allergies, but I have 100% faith she is going to be A-OK.

Relaxing at home on a beautiful evening God blessed us with.  (I am reclining in my new anti-gravity chair.  Love!)

My other little princess had just about had it with Darcy getting all the attention.  She literally jumped into this shot, haha.  Love my girls!

Thank you to all of you who messaged, called, and texted.  All of the kind words and prayers are so greatly appreciated!
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