Quay Fleur Sunglasses!

Hey guys!  Well, I jumped on the ever popular Quay bandwagon and got me a great new pair of sunnies!  In case you haven't heard of them, Quay (pronounced key), is a sunglass brand from Australia that offers really quality sunglasses for a really decent price.  They have really gained in popularity here in the states since they partnered with Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars.  All of their styles are super cute and unique, and the price varies from about $45-$50/pair.  I have paid ridiculous amounts of money for sunglasses before, they're kind of my thing.  So, I was so happy to run across this stylish yet affordable brand.

They came with a soft sunglass case with the classic metal hinge at the top.  I actually really like this type of case for carrying in my bag, as it doesn't really take up that much room.

The Fleur shades have circle mirrored lenses inside a metal cat eye cut-out frame.  So modern and so darn cute.

These particular shades are sold out on the Quay website, but you can still get them on the Urban Outfitters website.  They are constantly selling out of one style and bringing in new styles, but you can usually backorder any style you want.  Love these and have already ordered a 2nd pair!

Which style do you guys have/want?

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