August 2014 Favorites!

And yet another month complete in 2014.  Hard to believe we are heading towards the end of the year so soon!  No better time than any (considering it's the last day of the month) to do my monthly favorites.  This month I have to mention one brand that was a home-run winner for me, and that is Tree Hut.

The first thing I purchased from this line was the Shea Sugar Scrub in Almond & Honey, and that was all it took.  I was hooked.  Since then I have purchased their body butter and body wash in the same scent, their hand cream in Coconut Lime, and their DD Cream in Raspberry Macadamia.  You can find some of this stuff at Wal-Mart and some of it at Ulta.  It's such good quality stuff for such an affordable price ($5-$10/piece or so.)  Love every piece, definitely will be repurchasing all of them.

Hair favorites this month:  
First up, my absolutely delicious Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey shampoo.  This has been a favorite of mine for 10 years +, and I will continue to buy it for as long as they make it.  LOVE.  Bought mine at Target for around $15.
2.  Chi Silk Infusion.  Another tried and true product that makes my hair feel so soft and smooth.  I actually am able to get this at my local Wal-Mart in the regular hair-care aisle for around $23.
3.  Living Proof Perfect Hair Day styling treatment.  After hearing a lot of hype about this product I finally caved and bought it.  I use this in conjunction with my Chi Silk Infusion.  These two products work so good together!  The Silk Infusion is a clear/oily kind of serum?  The Living Proof product is a white, more lotion-like product.  In the years I've used the Silk Infusion, I've always enjoyed using it in conjunction with a lotion-like product.  That type of combination has just always worked well for me.  Similar products I've used are the It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In product, Desert Essence Shine and Refine Hair Lotion, Organix Coconut Milk Split-End Mender, etc.  This Living Proof product works really good though, and I would definitely repurchase.
4.  And my final hair-care favorite of the month is the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray.  I got mine at Ulta for $19.95.  Great product to give you texture and wave without drying out your hair.  Love, love, love.

Skincare favorites this month:
1.  First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser.  A simple, no frills product that does exactly what it's supposed to - clean your face and leave it soft and supple without overdrying.  Love it, a product worth every penny.  I bought mine at Sephora for $20.
2.  Bioderma.  People I have used this stuff for roughly 5 years or so now, and I swear, nothing beats it.  I buy the big 500mL bottles on Amazon, and the last time I used all mine up I went ahead and started using up some of the other brands I had on hand.  Since I don't wear makeup everyday, it takes me a long time to use up a bottle of eye-makeup remover.  It's taken about 6 months or so, but I used up a bottle of the Nars Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and a bottle of the Up & Up brand you get at Target.  As soon as those two bottles were used up I went straight online and got a bottle of the Bioderma.  I use it to take off my eye makeup, but I also use it on a cotton round to remove the rest of my makeup too.  It's sooooo refreshing and it really perks your skin up.  Will buy this, and only this, from now on.
3.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir.  I bought this at Sephora towards the beginning of the month and I have to say, it's really growing on me.  Such a nice product to have that you can mist on your face throughout the day to freshen you up.  It smells earthy and relaxing and it feels amazing on your skin.  Not only will I buy this again, but I will buy the bigger bottle next time.
4.  Yon-Ka Serum.  I have subscribed to US Weekly for at least a decade now, and hands down my favorite page in the magazine has to be the 'What's in My Bag' article each week.  I'm always like turning the magazine all around trying to see what each individual item is that the celebrities are carrying and using.  This particular item was in Martha Stewart's bag in one of those issues, and I remember thinking 'shoot, if it's good enough for Martha Stewart then it has to be good stuff.'  That lady is 73, but she doesn't look half her age.  She's stunning!  It has been at least a couple of years ago I bought this stuff, back whenever that magazine came out, and I've used this serum off and on since then.  I'm always buying new things and trying new things and forgetting about things that I have, etc.  You know the cycle, lol.  Anyways, I found this in my skin-care cabinet and pulled it back out to start using and have loved it.  So moisturizing on your skin, and I love the oily consistency.
5.  Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream.  So simple and gentle on the skin, this eye cream is delightful.  It doesn't have all kinds of chemicals in it or anything, it's basically just the hyaluronic acid that pulls moisture from the air and puts it in your skin.  Keeps your whole eye area completely hydrated, which really helps with crepiness and fine lines.  Love.

Makeup favorites:
1.  Make Up For Ever HD foundation.  Sephora.  $42.  Go out and get it people.
2.  And while you're at it, pick you up some of the setting powder as well.  LOVE these.
3.  It Cosmetics CC+ Cream.  I've used this all summer and it has worked just perfectly.  I recently used this the entire week I was in Destin, and it was the ideal product.  It's your moisturizer, serum, makeup, and spf all in one.  A total must have for summer.  I won't ever be without this product.
4.  The eyeshadow I have found myself reaching for the most this month was definitely the Bare Minerals Top Shelf Duo.  A gorgeous, shimmery champagne and bronze this by itself can give you such a gorgeous look.
5.  Milani Bronzer XL in Fake Tan.  This has been my go-to bronzer not only this month but this entire summer.  You get a ton of product here for very little $, and the colors are just spot-on.
6.  Love & Beauty blush in coral.  Super cheap and such a pretty color for summer!  I have loved this!
7.  Anastasia Brow Wiz - the only eyebrow product I use now.

My favorite lip products of the month get their own category, lol.  I keep it really simple with lips, and this month I've really enjoyed throwing on a MAC lipglass and going.  Favorite shades this month (pictured left to right):  Bared For You (limited edition from the Story Book Romance line), Ciao Manhattan, Florabundance, and Viva Glam VI.

I am somewhat of a lip balm fanatic, and this month I discovered and fell in love with the Softlips cubes.  I have vanilla bean and blueberry pomegranate.  I thought for sure the vanilla one would be my favorite, but I was totally wrong!  The blueberry pomegranate one smells/tastes the best hands down.  Both feel great, both make your lips baby soft, and I would repurchase both of them.

And lastly, my favorite candle of the month - BBW Salt Water Taffy.  A sugary sweet summer scent, I'm almost through with this bad boy.  I am having to hold myself back to keep from breaking into my Autumn and Fall scented candles and tarts!  I am thinking by the time this candle is gone that it will probably be time, hehe.  Summer is coming to an end, so I am enjoying it while it lasts!
Have a great week everybody!
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