Random Beauty Haul: MAC, Baby Lips, Bare Essentials, Cutex, Etc!

A random goodie I found on eBay - from the 2009 A Rose Romance collection, MAC's Lustre lipstick in "A Rose Romance"

A really pretty, slightly sheer mauve-pink

I'm so NOT a Bare Minerals kinda gal, but when I saw Jessie James Decker's latest YouTube video/makeup tutorial, I had to have this.  The Top Shelf eyeshadow duo has two really pretty bronze shadows, Mixologist (the lighter champagne-toned one) and Cognac (the deeper of the two).  I have only used this once, and I used it how Jessie did, mixing the two and applying them simultaneously all over the lid.  Quick and easy (and pretty) look.

Swatched here you'll see the darker shade (Cognac), the lighter shade (Mixologist), and then both colors mixed together.

I love baby lips for days when I'm just hanging out at the house, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the new Baby Lips Crystals!  Basically these are just the shimmery versions of Baby Lips.

I have the shade Beam of Blush (145).  A pretty, light, sparkly pink.

I have been eyeballing and considering purchasing the Zoya nail polish remover in the pump bottle for quite some time now.  So, when I seen this guy at Rite Aid I totally jumped on it. It's the Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover, which not only removes your polish, but it's also supposed to strengthen and condition your nails. Zoya's remover is conditioning as well, and I think (may be wrong) it contains glycerin, which is softening and nourishing to your nails and cuticles. This Cutex formula contains black currant, flaxseed, and apricot kernel botanical oils. It doesn't dry your nails or cuticles out AT ALL!  I was afraid something so gentle to use wouldn't be as good at removing polish, but it totally is. Works great, and I ADORE the pump bottle. Just lay a cotton round on the dispenser and push down/pump the bottle a couple of times, and you are set. So easy and convenient, I have never used a nicer nail polish remover!  I will buy this as long as they make it!

These el-cheapo clear, plastic shower caps are great for deep conditioning your hair. When I'm just at the house doing nothing, I'll put a deep conditioner or coconut oil in my hair, slap my cap on and leave it for a few hours.  They're also very handy in the shower - after I shampoo I put some deep conditioner on, put the cap on, and the steam from the shower really helps heat things up and makes your hair super soft.   Love!

Stay tuned for more randomness (:
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