Super Easy Summer Makeup - YouTube Tutorial

Hey everybody!  I actually have a makeup tutorial on YouTube for you guys!!!  It's been forever and a day since I did a video, so be patient with me.  This was my first time EVER using iMovie on the iMac....so here's a warning....there's some sloppy editing.  But, I did my best!  The whole editing done was very minimal, just what I could whip together kind of quickly and learn.  I don't have an external mic on my computer (just the internal one that is on top of the monitor) so I didn't bother trying to do a voice over.  Maybe that will be something I attempt next time around.  I did add some notes here and there to let you know what I was using, if I missed anything let me know!  Shooting in frame while putting on your makeup is quite the task, but I think you can basically see what I'm doing.  Another little warning, my camera is crazy good and it shows every mole, every hint of rosacea, my chicken pox scars, zits, etc. that I have.  So, brace yourself, hehe.  Hope you enjoy watching.  This look is not very dramatic, so if you'd like to see something a little heavier (like a smokey eye) then just let me know.  Oh yeah, one last thing, I went to bed the night before with wet hair and didn't bother fixing it for the video (as you're about to see.)  But, I wasn't going anywhere and I don't like using heat on my hair to be just sitting around the house.  So, sorry about that!  Thanks again for watching and until next time...

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