Bath and Body Works Candle Haul

Yes, yes, yes, just like every other chick in the world, I totally love the BBW 3 wick candles.  I have been burning them like crazy, and thought I would share with you which ones I've been enjoying lately.  I'll also include one that has absolutely blew me away it's so good!

I swear, I just ordered these a couple of days ago and I was shocked when the UPS man came to my door to deliver them.  Super quick shipping this time it seems. BBW had a kick-butt sale on several of their 3 wick candles, I got the Salt Water Taffy for $11 and I got the Bellini Cafe for $10.  Both of these smell SO good, out of the 2 I'd have to say Salt Water Taffy smells the best.  Described as a sweet light fluffy vanilla cream scent whipped with strawberries and cherries, this aroma is absolutely delicious.  I smell a really sweet strawberry scent.  Bellini Cafe is described as a bellissimo blend of sparkling berries, juicy apples and sugared grape notes.  I am terrible at describing scents unless something just jumps out at me.  All I can say is, it's not too sweet, not too cologne-ish, just a really good smelling candle.  THE BEST ONE OF ALL???????????  Ohhhhhhh myyyyy goodnessssss, the Sea Salt and Maple Popcorn candle will leave you drooling.  Sweet foodie scents are my favorite for anything in the home (cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, anything that resembles a baked good of any sort - sugar cookie, birthday cake, etc).  The description for this candle is sweet Vermont maple, dash of sea salt and wholesome kettle corn.   When I popped open my box of goodies, this bad boy was the scent that wafted through the air.  Strong (but not overpowering), sweet (but not too much), and such a great aroma for when summer comes to an end and fall is just beginning.  Until then I plan on using my sweet Salt Water Taffy and Bellini candles.

I bought these two candles 2 weeks ago when they were having yet another candle sale.  I have been burning the Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut candle, I figured I would use the Sweater Weather one when it's a little closer to, well, sweater weather.  The Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut candle is very sweet and good smelling, but it is an extremely subtle scent.  You can definitely smell it after it's been burning an hour or so, but just barely.  If this candle had been a little stronger it would have been perfect!  Also, is it just me or does this candle burn away SUPER quickly?  Like I said, I've had this thing for almost 2 weeks and 2/3 of the candle is already used up.  I only burn this for an hour or so at a time, probably 5 days a week.  I dunno, seems like it doesn't last as long as the other ones.  

Anyways, lemme know which candles you're burning and loving!  I adore the variety of seasonal scents BBW offers in all of their candles.  They are the best out there for sure!  <333
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