Cinnamon Tea Recipe

So quick and easy, Cinnamon Tea is one of my go-to drinks.  It only has 3 ingredients, and is super easy to make.  So if you really love cinnamon, then follow below on how I make this yummy drink.

I start out with 3 (or so) cinnamon sticks in a small kettle with some water.  I don't ever measure how much water, I just eyeball it.  I'd say around 2/3 cup or so for a large mug of tea for one.

While my cinnamon is heating up and coming to a boil, I go ahead and get everything else ready.  Use your favorite milk (if you're not into dairy you could always use coconut or almond milk, etc) and sweetener of your choice.

I like mine really milky so I use about a cup, give or take.  I also like mine really sweet, so I use 2-3 packets of Truvia.  This is strictly to taste - sweeten it however strong you like.  Keep in mind, this is a larger size mug.

I let the water come to a full, rolling boil on high for about 4 minutes or so.  Again, nothing is exact and nothing is ever exactly the same every time.  The tea turns out tasting pretty much the same even if my recipe varies a tad.

You will end up with a pinky red water.

I take the kettle off of the heat and put the lid on and let the cinnamon sticks steep for a couple of minutes.

I take my cinnamon sticks out and pour my cinnamon water into my sweetened milk.  I usually let my water cool a bit before adding it to the milk, but if I'm impatient I go ahead and pour it in.  Turns out yummy either way.

And voila!  You have a yummy mug of a pale pink cinnamon tea that is just delicious!  And just to clear things up, no, this does not actually contain 'tea'.....that's just what I've always heard this called and so it is what I call it.  Adjust the recipe as you see fit, and dress it up however you like.  As long as you really enjoy a stronger cinnamon flavor, you will love this!  Thanks for stopping by!!!
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