Small Makeup Geek Haul: Vegas Lights Palette, Eyeshadows

Just when I say I am content with my makeup collection and that I don't feel the need to buy anymore makeup, something like this comes out and I totally have to eat my words.

Such a beautiful palette!  It's your standard magnetic cardboard palette, but it's a super nice quality and very sturdy.  Gorgeous gold foil to imitate the lights on the strip, I think they did a bang-up job on the packaging alone.

You get 6 full-size eyeshadows in this (by full-size I mean the same regular size pan as when you order MUG eyeshadow singles.)  5 of these colors are new and 1 (Bada Bing) is from the permanent line.  One thing I absolutely love about this, the pans are not glued in, they are magnetic so that you can remove the pans and pop them into your Z palettes if you wanted.  Little details like that are what makes a palette so great.  The colors themselves are absolutely gorgeous.  Really quickly I will tell you about those.  

Casino - shimmery metallic gold with orange undertones
Sin City - shimmery golden apricot
Roulette - shimmery rosy burnt sienna
Mirage - pale matte beige (great highlight color)
Desert Sands - medium terracota matte (great blending out crease color)
Bada Bing - deep brown with flecks of gold

Overall a great palette with a fairly decent price tag.  When you consider the quality of the eyeshadows you're getting, it's worth every penny (even more.)  I will definitely be taking this with me to Vegas next month <333

Every time I order something from MUG I always pick up a couple of eyeshadows to add to my collection.  Their eyeshadows are definitely high-end in terms of quality, color payoff, their buttery-smoothness, etc., but their price is really reasonable.  Each pan is $5.99, almost half that of what a MAC eyeshadow costs ($10).

This time I picked up Cupcake and Bitten.

Cupcake is a matte medium pink, and Bitten is a matte deep maroon red.  Ugh.  I haven't used these yet but I can just imagine how beautiful they're gonna be!!!  Bitten in the outer V blended up into the crease, Cupcake to blend it out.  Can't even stand it.

That's all for now guys!  If you're new to MUG, then go ahead and hop on that train!  I have numerous things from the line and have been 100% happy with all of them.  Thanks for checking out my blog today and have a great day!
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