Sephora Haul: Caudalie, Urban Decay, Dior, Etc.

Hey guys!  So I was going through my posts today and I noticed this particular one that, for some reason, I just never got around to posting.  I got this stuff around 6 weeks ago or so, and I guess it helps waiting this long to post because I have a better idea on how I'm feeling about some of these products since I've had a chance to use most of them.  Let's get started.

First thing I picked up was the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (1 oz. bottle/$18).  I hadn't ever tried this stuff so I grabbed the smaller sized bottle to test it out.  Turns out I really love it.  It is described as part-toner part-serum mist of essential oils and plant active ingredients.  It claims to smooth the skin, tighten pores, and provide an instant burst of radiance because it stimulates microcirculation.  It doesn't contain any of the bad stuff (parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, etc) and it truly does feel just lovely on your skin.  Definitely would repurchase.

I've used this bad boy for years.  I had been out of it for a while and was using other sprays I had, but I finally broke down and repurchased.  It reallyyyyyyy helps keep oil at bay for those oily gals like myself, and it really does help your makeup last all day.  Love UD setting sprays, and this is my ideal one for the hotter months.

I had noticed this product on Sephora's website several times before, and I finally decided to go ahead and try it.  This product retails for $30 but you can find it a good percent of the time half off for $15.  You get a fairly decent sized product for that amount, and I would definitely repurchase this.  It claims to diminish newly emerging and older skin pigmentation imperfections.  And while I haven't used this long enough to confirm it's true effectiveness, I can say that it definitely brightens your skin.  My favorite thing about it?  The scent.  OMGsh, smells SO good....almost like a men's cologne?  Nothing super strong or overpowering, but I adore the scent myself.  If you are someone who is particular about products having a scent that might be something you need to keep in mind.

I've mentioned these a dozen times.  I have 3 of the large ones and 2 of the small ones.  My favorite Z palettes ever.

Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm ($27)
I keep this lip balm on my nightstand and I use it before I go to bed at night.  It really is a great lip balm and while I would probably repurchase it, I think there are really great lip balms at the drugstore as well.  I really like that this one has a little bit of spf in it (spf 10 to be exact) and the delicate rose scent.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Brown
100 point perk, $25 for full-size product
To be honest I haven't tried this yet.  It was really pretty at first glance though, and I love the packaging.  Looks like a pencil you would sharpen but it is in fact mechanical.  You get quite a bit of product in this perk as well!

100 point perk, $19-$34 for full-size products
This powder is made of 100% mineral silica for a glowing/radiant soft-focus look.  I adore Make Up For Ever products, and this is no exception.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil
(5mL bottle was free with a coupon code.  Available from $18.50-$50)
I packed this in my travel toiletry bag to use while I was in Destin this past week, and I really loved this.  My skin changes when I am in different climates and away from home, and this helped to kind of wake everything back up.  Super moisturizing and good for your skin, this has all those omegas for elasticity and smoothness and I love it.  I have an obsession with oils though, so if you're not into them this might not be for you.

Where it's been a while since I ordered this stuff I can't really remember what this goodie bag was.  I'm fairly certain it was a coupon code, or maybe it was a VIB or Rouge thing?  I don't remember.  But anyways, it came jam-packed with some really great stuff.

First thing was this Marc Jacobs Lip Lock lip balm.  This stuff feels uh-mazing.  Like I said above, there are some great lip balms at the drugstore, but this definitely feels incredible.  Suuupppppperrrrrrr soft and moisturizing, I would probably purchase this at some point.

Next thing in the goodie bag was this cute sample of the Givenchy LeRouge lipstick in Mandarine Bolero (muted red orange.)  I haven't tried this yet, I guess I'll use it when I'm going for a simple eye and a bold lip.  I definitely love red-orange lippies, so I'm sure this will go over well.

You also got 4 samples of Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. I have a full-size tube of a Revolution lipstick -

My shade is Native.  I absolutely adore this lipstick so I'm sure I'll like the others.

And the last thing that came in this bag was 3 samples of YSL Gloss Volupte.  I own just one full-size YSL gloss - 

It is one of their Golden Glosses and my shade is Golden Macadamia.  The color and the look of the product is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  But there are 2 things I do not like at all about this product - 1.  the applicator.  I am a total doe-foot (or similar) applicator gal, I HATE a brush applicator.  And, 2.  the smell/taste.  I haven't tried the samples of the new formula, but no one seems to complain about them, so I'm hoping they've improved.  I adore the new applicator and I think these colors are just beautiful.

And of course, all my samples.  Hope you guys found this interesting and maybe it gave you some ideas on some things to try out next time you're at Sephora.  Thanks for stopping by!!!
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