In Memory of Jamie: RIP

It was a sad day today when I heard one of my friends had taken her own life last night.  I actually went to high school with her, but we weren't ever really close or anything.  We have kept in touch via social media (Facebook and Instagram mostly), and it's amazing how fond you can get of someone communicating with them on a regular basis through these kinds of sites.  She was lovely, always one of the first of my friends to like a photo or to leave a sweet comment, she continually went out of her way to notice me on a daily basis.  After going through and reading some of the things others had posted about her, it was then I learned she wasn't like that with just me.  That's how she treated everybody.  She was good and decent and kind and made you feel special.  It breaks my heart to know she was as unhappy as she obviously must have been, that life had been so unkind to someone who was so good.  She was very present on my blog and on my other social media sites, so it was only fitting I dedicate a post to her in her memory.  Your presence is one that I will definitely miss.  It is my hope and my prayer that whatever hurt you were experiencing here is now over and done with, that you have shed that earthly body that was sickly and plagued with illness, and that you are dancing in the streets of gold.  I pray that our Heavenly Father eases the pain in the hearts of your son and other loved ones, and that you are resting peacefully.

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