February 2015 Empties!

Hey guys!  As I go through and use up products, I snap a picture of them and then after I accumulate several things to review, then I do an "Empties" blog post.  I am way too type A to cling on to trash for the sake of doing a review....I don't know how YouTubers do it!  Anways, here are some of the things I have used up over the past couple of months and what I thought of them!  We will start with some candles.

I used up 2 Better Homes and Gardens candles that I purchased at Wal-Mart.  They were Winter 2014 limited edition ones that I actually really enjoyed.  I don't remember how much they were (if I was guessing I would say around 10 bucks or so??)  They smelled similar - just really clean wintery scents.  Neither one were foodie type delicious scents (yes, I'm terrible at describing candles), but were more lightly pine/outdoor/cinnamon type scents.  They burned for forever and compared to my 3 wick BBW candles, they burned almost completely away.  That's one thing that bugs me with BBW candles, you have so much wax left after the wicks quit burning.  There was almost nothing left of these.  I will definitely repurchase these next Winter if they are available.  My favorite of the 2 was the Warm Winter Wishes.

I got this beautiful candle in my FFFVIP Winter 2014 box.  Even though it is smaller in size, this thing burned as long as a 3 wick candle.  It was a really clean burn and the scent was really nice as well.  My favorite candles are food type ones (think cupcake/cake batter, marshmallow, pumpkin), but I really enjoyed this as well.  The price tag for this is like $40, which is astronomical for a candle I think.  I personally would never spend that on a candle, so I was really grateful for such a luxury item to be in the box.  

This also almost burned completely away.  The jar was so heavy and substantial, I actually cleaned it out and use it as a glass to drink out of now!

My favorite conditioner from the drugstore - have already repurchased.  I can always tell right away if I am going to like a conditioner.  With this one, from the minute I put it in my hair the first time, I could tell immediately it was going to be something that really worked for me.  It's very thick and emollient, and the second it hits my hair it automatically makes my hair feel soft.  When you rinse it out your hair feels super conditioned and silky, I just love this.  It's not so heavy my hair is flat and limp afterwards, it's basically the best of both worlds.  Highly recommend.

I am super picky when it comes to makeup remover wipes, and I actually really enjoyed the CVS ones.  I think I'm like the only person on the planet that hates the Neutrogena ones, even though they are supposedly for 'sensitive' skin, they absolutely irritate my eyes like you wouldn't believe.  I have extremelyyyyyy sensitive eyes, so I have to be super selective about what I use.  These don't bother me at all and they worked about as good as any other wipe.  I got a triple pack of these when they were on sale and I was really happy with them.  My favorite wipe ever is the Ponds Luminous Clean and that is actually what I have repurchased.  (One major reason I haven't repurchased these is because I don't have a CVS near me).

My favorite hand cream ever - have already repurchased.  I mention these all the time in my 'Empties' posts because I actually use this all the time.  You can find this at BBW, it's the bomb.com!!!

The shampoo that went with the conditioner above.  Great shampoo from the drugstore, I absolutely love this line. I haven't repurchased the shampoo yet as I have sooooooo many shampoos I need to use up.  But once everything is used up I would absolutely buy this again.  

If you follow my blog then ya'll know I love me some Biore strips.  I only get the ULTRA DEEP CLEANSING ones, they're the best.

I absolutely loved this nail polish remover!  It's gentle and doesn't dry out your cuticles, but it still gets your polish off.  The pump bottle was a total win as well.  Have already repurchased.

Every single time I go to Vegas I always bring a couple of these BIG shampoos home.  (I don't have a Lush store near me).  I have repurchased this 2 or 3 times now, and the next time I am in Vegas or at a Lush store I will definitely pick up a couple more.

This shampoo smells SOOOOOOO good.  It's an odd consistency, it is full of coarse sea salt and when you first use it it's kind of iffy how you're gonna like it.  But, once you lather it up the salt kind of melts away and you end up with a lovely lather that leaves your hair and scalp feeling really clean (without stripping them).  Love.

Generally speaking I am super easy to please with products and it is rare I just don't  really care for something.  And it's not that I hate this shampoo, it was fine, there's just nothing really great about it. It smelled okay and worked okay, but it is nowhere near as good as the L'Oreal Total Repair Extreme products.  This isn't the worst product out there, so would I repurchase?  Maybe, if it was on sale or something.  Otherwise I'd hands down just go with the L'Oreal.

I love me some lip balm, and this one by Marc Jacobs felt great.  It's really expensive so I doubt I would buy it (this was a Rouge sample I think).  I really loved it but you can find excellent lip balms for less.

I used to only use Diorshow mascara for yearsssss, but here lately it just doesn't seem to work the same.  I find a lot better results with drugstore mascara, so I don't see myself repurchasing this anytime soon.

This L'Oreal Collagen Volume mascara was great!  Definitely gives me a much better effect than the Dior mascara.  I don't notice a lot of difference in length with this one, but it definitely plumps your lashes up and gives you some drama (exactly what I am looking for in a mascara).

I wasn't much for theBalm's Staniac, but that's simply because I'm not much for cheek stains period.  I would much rather just use a powder blush or even a cream blush, as they are just so quick and easy to just swipe on and go.  I really put forth an effort to use this up, but I definitely wouldn't repurchase.

I know this thing is still basically brand new, but I just CANNOT use this.  I'm not one to be super picky about scents, but people, this flat out STINKS.  This is at least a couple of years old and I have never been able to use it.  It's the EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit.  Yuck.  I can't imagine anyone enjoying this product.  Obviously I would NEVER repurchase this flavor.  I have at least 10 or so EOS lip balms and my favorite ones are the lemon, strawberry, pomegranate, and blueberry! 

Again, I'm just not going to use this.  I don't like cheek stains and I'm going to pass this along to someone who might actually like them.

I love barely-there lip colors that you can just swipe on without a mirror and they look fine.  I thought this is what this might be, it's the Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in Ballet Slip.  This is so barely-there it's nonexistent on me.  With my coloring - dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin - some products just don't show up when I apply them.  Unfortunately this is one of those types of products, so I'll pass it along to someone who will use it.

One of those Ipsy products I never used.  It is so rare for me to do a red lip and when I do I basically only use Russian Red by MAC.  I'll never use this so I will pass this along to my aunt who loves to rock the red lip!

This is the Elf Mineral Lipstick in Naturally Nymph.  This is a very popular nude lipstick, but much like the Covergirl balm above, this is just way too pale for me.  I love nude lipsticks, but this is not flattering on me AT ALL.  I hate it because it's a beautiful lipstick, it's just too light for my complexion.  So, I'll definitely be passing this along to someone who will use it!

Thanks for stopping by guys!  I haven't been blogging a lot lately, we've been snowed in and I just haven't felt inspired to do so, lol.  Everything is finally starting to melt and I guess I'm getting back in the swing of things.  Have a great day everybody!
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