Organization: Makeup, Beauty, Clothing and More!

Hey guys!  I've had some questions about what some items are in the background of my YouTube videos, and I've had some requests for organization ideas.  Today I wanted to show you what these items are and, if I can, provide links to everything in case you are interested in finding them for yourself.  A little bit of everything here, skim over what doesn't interest you!  An organized life is a happy life, I like for everything in my house to have a place to call home.  And while none of this is perfect, it just really works for me.  To get started I am going to show you my makeup organization.  I did a YouTube video on my makeup collection and organization and in it I went into greater detail about where I got all my stuff.  If you want to watch it you can find it here (video is at the bottom of the blog post).  I'm going to keep this post very short and concise, so let's go ahead and get to it.

Mirror:  Vanity Girl Hollywood Starlet Lighted Tabletop Vanity Mirror (mine is in Gloss White and I mounted mine to the wall, but it comes with a stand to sit on your vanity as well).

Vanity:  Ikea Malm Dressing Table (in White)
(You can order Ikea items online, but their shipping prices are RIDICULOUS.  I drove and picked mine up in West Chester, Ohio).

Storage Dresser:  Ikea Alex Drawer Unit 9 Drawer, (in White)

To see how I organize makeup in my Alex chest, watch my YouTube video here.

I used plastic Sterlite containers to organize the long drawer in my vanity.  I used 3 sizes: big rectangle, square-ish, and long/skinny rectangle.  I moved them around till everything fit perfectly, because I didn't want ANY shuffling, I wanted everything to stay in place perfectly.

I use the Tool Turn-About from Pampered Chef to hold my brushes.  The 3 tiers allow you to see all of them easily, and I love how it spins around for easy access.  WONDERFUL.

I use 2 Muji acrylic cases on top of my vanity.  This is the 2 Drawer, and it holds concealers and face primers.

The other Muji case is the 5 Drawer, and it houses eyeliners, balm stains, mascaras, my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, eyelid primers, etc.

You will also notice the Acrylic Lipstick Organizer on top of the Muji Drawers.  I have 5 of these and I bought them on Amazon.  (Mine hold 24 each).

The nail polish racks I also picked up on Amazon yearsssss ago, and they've lasted so well!.  (There are 2 pictured in this photograph).  Each one is supposed to hold 102 bottles.

I honestly do not remember where I found my sunglasses display rack.  This one is super sturdy, and I really like how the arms of the sunglasses go into the tower.  A lot of racks just have the arm to sit them on and it doesn't hold your glasses as well.  The closest thing I could find to mine is here.  Mine also came with a mirror on top of it, but I took it off (cause I didn't use it) and I store some caps on top of it now.  I do not keep all of my sunglasses on this rack, though.  I mainly keep cheaper glasses on this (Target, Forever 21, Planet Blue, Urban Outfitters, etc.).  I keep my luxury glasses that come in their own cases in a drawer.

(Another storage idea.  These storage bins sit atop a big/long dresser in my beauty room).

I get a lot of questions about this in my background, lol.  It's the Home Basics Hanging Jewelry Organizer from Walmart.  It's double sided, so there is additional storage on the other side as well.  I keep most of my jewelry in an armoire, but this thing is great for bracelets/bangles that can be hard to store.

For years now I have stored my scarves on a big/heavy duty curtain rod.  I bought the biggest one they had at Walmart, as I wanted something super sturdy.  Then you just loop/tie them on.

I also get questions about what this thing is.  It is a bag organizer I got from Avon (I think??) probably 10 years ago.  It is basically this long strip that goes down the wall and it has a loop that snaps every so often to hold the handle of your bag.  I just hang kind of odds and ends bags here - bags with purchase, Victoria's Secret ones,  ones I sometimes travel with, that kinda thing.  Keeps them up and out of the way.

My boot racks came from Walmart as well.  Each one holds 3 pairs and I have 12 racks, lol.  They really keep your boots up and out of the way, and they also keep them from falling all over the place.

I have shoe racks on the backs and fronts of almost all of our doors, lol (eleven of them to be exact).  Each over the door holder holds up to 24 pairs.  Again, these came from Walmart.  This particular one is the only one I have that is mesh.  I specifically bought this one for house shoes.  All of my other holders are a super sturdy fabric.

I love to have some of my beauty stuff where I sit in the living room.  For that I have this little bitty 3-drawer storage unit that I got at either Walmart or the dollar store.  In the first drawer I keep some odds and ends:  floss, cuticle oil, tweezers, nail file, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, etc.

I am continually putting on lip balm, so I keep a nice little stash in the 2nd drawer.  I keep lip balm EVERYWHERE:  by the bathroom sink, by my bed, in my vanity, in my car, you get the idea lol.

And in the bottom drawer I put all of my little perfume samples.  This is such a great place to keep all these little guys.

We don't have a lot of storage in this house, so in the bathroom I have this big shelf with a lot of my products as well. 

On the side of the shelf I hang my Turbie Twists with Command hooks.

I use bins and Sterlite containers to store most of this stuff.

I use 2 different size containers:  the one on the left is super wide and big.  The one on the right is their standard large 3-drawer container.  These are great to organize all your samples from Sephora and beauty subscriptions in.

I use a big basket to store some of my hair tools in.

A peek inside the storage container drawers.

This skinny/tall storage unit I found at Walmart, and it fit in this tiny little area in my bathroom perfectly.  I have a curling wand with 5 different heads, so I keep all of those together in one drawer.  I also have a TON of dry shampoo, and I keep all of those together.

Organize all areas of your house, people!  I use little baskets and containers to store drink packets, seasoning packets, and other items that have a tendency to float around your cabinets.  Everything should have a place to call home, that way you are not constantly searching for stuff.  Plus, you'll find you use more of what you have if you are really aware of just what you do have.

Alright guys, hope you found that helpful!  If you've got any storage ideas you think I would like then please let me know!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday!
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