February 2015: Small Drugstore Haul!

Hey guys!  At the beginning of the year so many brands start releasing new products, and today I wanted to share with you some that I recently picked up.  If I have tried them I will tell you what I think, but for the most part this is just a haul.  Let's get to it.

And we will start off with a BANG - people, this stuff is awesome.  Nivea's In-Shower Body Lotion feels uh-mazing!  They have several different formulas (normal to dry skin, dry skin, very dry skin, etc.), and I picked up the one for very dry skin. (Go big or go home, right?)  In case you're not familiar with this stuff, the in-shower body lotion is just what it says it is, a lotion you use in the shower.  You soap up/shave/exfoliate like normal, whatever you usually do.  Then, at the end of the shower, you lather up with this and then rinse off.  What you're left with is silky soft skin that is so moisturized.  I want the softest, silkiest skin possible, so I still finish up with my body oil and sometimes even an additional lotion once out of the shower.  I'm so soft you can barely feel me <3

Have you seen the commercials for these new Suave products?  They are both from the Luxe Style line and both of them say they are comparable to Kerastase.  I had to give them a whirl, as Kerastase is one of my favorite hair care brands.  The big bottle on the left is a soft touch curl mousse, and the smaller bottle on the right is a blow-dry volume spray.  It's supposedly heat activated by your blow dryer to give you volume.  I've not tried either of these yet, but I will do a followup post to let you know how I like them.  I'm SO excited to try them, I just don't do a lot of styling with my hair on a daily basis.  9 out of 10 days I wash it and put some leave-in conditioner and an oil in it and call it a day.

Balm stains, lip crayons, chubbie sticks, whatever you wanna call them, these types of products are usually some of my favorites.  I really like this Glossy Balm by L'Oreal in the shade Lovely Mocha.  Definitely an on-trend type of color, a really wearable/neutral pinky brown.  This also feels lovely on the lips.

Hard Candy released some new "lip plumping serum" lipsticks.  And while they basically feel like any other ole lipstick (no plumping effect noticed) they are really pretty and have really good staying power.  I picked this shade up purely on the recommendation by Emilynoel83 on YouTube.  This shade in Infamous is a really pretty basic pink.

I haven't been using many face washes as of late, I've basically just been using my bar soap.  The reason I picked up a couple of these L'Oreal Go 360 Clean washes was basically just for the scrublets.

The scrublets are these little silicone exfoliators that come with the washes.  You just pop them off the bottle, and they have these super handy suction cups on the back of them.  My skin needs exfoliating more than the average person, so these are just great for me.  I have one suctioned to the wall in my shower, and I put the other one in my travel toiletry bag.  I don't like to travel with my Clarisonic, so this will be super handy.  I hate using a creamy face wash with just my hands or a washcloth.  It feels like my face doesn't get clean enough.  So this will be super handy to use when traveling!

And lastly I picked up a couple of new lipsticks from Rimmel and Milani.

This is the Rimmel PROVOCALIPS 16hr Kissproof Lip Colour, and mine is in the shade I'll Call You.  These are those kind of classic lip products where you get a paint-like product on one end that you swipe on and let dry, then you have a glossy top coat on the other end that you finish up with.  As with a lot of these types of products, it can be sticky and wear off in the center of the lip kind of funny like, so I am totally on the fence with this one.  If you do pick one of these up, DEFINITELY try to just dab on the tiniest amount.  The thinner the layer of product the less likely it is to peel and wear.  At this point I'm not crazy about this, but we will see.

I picked up a Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (whew, that's a mouthful) in the shade Matte Naked.

As we all know matte lipsticks can be super drying on the lips, but these are so soft and creamy.  They feel really nice on the lips, and this shade is a soft brownish nude.  Really pretty and I really like it!

That's it for now, guys!  Hope you enjoyed!  Let me know what new products you've been trying out and loving!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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