FFFVIP: FabFitFun VIP Box Winter 2014!

One of my favorite things with each change of season......my FabFitFun VIP box arriving at my door full of goodies!  I have cancelled ALL my other beauty subscription services and this is now my only one.  Why?  Because it's the best.  Full size name brand products, delicious snacks, stuff I'll actually use, the reasons go on and on.  If you're not familiar with the FFFVIP box then you can check it out on their site here.  Basically it's a subscription service that comes 4 times a year (seasonally) and is guaranteed to have over $200 worth of fitness, fashion, beauty, and wellness items - all full sized premium products.  Again, this is the ONLY subscription service that I find myself actually using EVERYTHING they send me.  Could not love this more.  I know it's more expensive, but you get what you pay for.  I'd rather pay $49 four times a year and get higher end products in sizes that will actually last than to pay $10 a month and get little packs of something I've never heard of.  Anyways, if you couldn't already tell, I highly recommend this to anyone who loves subscription services <3  

I was SO excited to get the new Zumba DVD and a $25 gift card.  Can't wait to try it.

This month you also get a 3 month subscription to 'salted', which is a teaching site for cooking.  The fee is usually $9.99/month, so this is a $30 value.

Another gift card, this one valued at $30 for a site that sells pre-loved designer shoes/clothes/bags, etc.  I am going to check it out as soon as I put this blog post up!

Huge tub of  an Alpha Hydroxy Acid hand cream which will be perfect for Winter!  I adore anything with Lemongrass - this also contains chamomile and evening primrose.  I have several hand creams open and in rotation at the moment, so I've not opened this yet.  Can't wait to try it though.

This.  Was.  Delicious.
I love Justin's peanut butter as well!

These boxes always have little snacks in them like this.  But, it's always something really simple and something you'd actually eat.

I have tried this organic facial peel in the past and really enjoyed it.  Huge tub that doesn't expire until 2017, so this will be great to use for quite some time.  I actually used it this morning!

The box also contained a $44 mineral eyeshadow duo from Sweden which are just lovely.  Looking forward to trying both of them!

Really cute long necklace from Half United.  What's great is half the proceeds from every product purchased goes to feeding children in need.  One necklace = 7 meals!  

This necklace is made from recycled bullet casings.  I think it will be cute and slightly edgy paired with a cute plaid or flannel.

A $22 BBW candle is kind of a splurge for me (and I NEVER buy them that I can't get 2 for $22 either, lol).  So, I could never imagine forking out $42 for one.  However, this coconut wax one by Daniel Stone is AMAZING.  The White Tea Ginger Root scent is super clean and rich smelling, but what I love most about this candle is how super-clean it burns.  Big, heavy glass jar, this thing is just beautiful.  One of the best items in the box.

And the total rockstar of the box (in my opinion), this $88 Tibetan Goji Berry eye serum.  This feels SOOOOOO good on your eyes.  Ugh.

And last but not least, this yummy organic protein shake that I have already consumed.  I LOOOOOOOOVED it.  Would definitely purchase this again.

Alright guys, that's it!  My box was worth $383.59 this month and I got it all for $49!  You truly can't beat this higher-end subscription service.  Definitely check it out if it sounds like something you'd like.  I'd like to mention a couple of things I am enjoying from my past 2 boxes.  I've always bought cheaper heat protectants for my hair (TreSemme, etc) and I finished up my last one this month and was able to finally start using my (full-size) Chi Iron Guard I got from one of my last boxes.  OHHHH MYYY GOOOSHHH.  It totally puts the TreSemme one to shame.  Would I buy the TreSemme one again?  Probably, it's cheap and readily available at the grocery/drug store.  But, would I want to?  NO!  I seriously could use the Chi one from here on out and never desire to look for another.  It's that good.  I'm also loving my Honest Company (Jessica Alba's natural/non-toxic product line) soap that I got last season.  I've used it ever since I got it and it's still going.  And lastly I'd like to mention the eucalyptus shower bombs that came 2 boxes ago.  I had a cold a month or so ago and those helped so much!  You just drop them in the floor of your shower and as the water hits them and the steam starts building up, they begin to work their magic.  They smelled so nice and I felt like I could breath so much better.  Anyways, I just wanted to mention these things to show you I really do like the items I get.  Again, I actually use the products they send me! 

Let me know if you guys subscribe to this service and what you think!  XO-
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