FFFVIP Gift Cards: What I Got!

Hey guys!  As you may know I subscribe to the FabFitFun VIP box - a subscription service that comes seasonally (4x a year).  In my Winter 2014 box (see the blog post here) I received 2 gift cards and I wanted to come on here and show you what I picked up with them.

To be honest I had never even heard of Fashion Project.  Basically it's a site where you can buy pre-loved (used) shoes, clothes, bags, sunglasses, etc.  I went through the entire site a couple of times, and found myself repeatedly going back to this pair of Sam Edelman Hazel sandals that just so happened to be in my size.  As soon as I seen them I remembered seeing them on Kourtney Kardashian.

-Kourtney's were in white, mine are in silver

The Hazel sandal is a beautiful strappy leather flat with beautiful stone accents.  This is something I would get a lot of wear out of, so I thought they would be a wise choice.  There were a couple of pairs of heels that were a great price, I came in a hair of getting a Prada pair.  But, I rarelyyyyyyy wear heels so I went ahead and got the Sam Edelman flats as they are much more my style.

Originally $300, the price tag on the Fashion Project site was only $35.  I had a gift card for $30 and had to pay shipping which was $5.  So altogether I was out $10 or $11 for these shoes.  Not bad.

Since I had never placed an order on this site, I was anxious to see what kind of shape these shoes would be in.  Shipping was super fast, just a couple of days.  And I have to say, I was amazed at how good these shoes looked!  They look practically brand new!  It doesn't look like a foot has ever been in this shoe, no signs of obvious wear, no scuffing, no wear on the sole, nothing.  The only thing that shows this shoe has been worn is the bottom of it, and that is super light.  Also, I LOVE metallic sandals because they go with everything - brown, black, colors, patterns, literally everything.

Zipper is fully functional, no problems there.

Such a pretty shoe!

Super light wear on the bottoms.

I broke my left foot pretty bad a few years ago, so I really have to watch what shoes I wear as my foot doesn't give like it use to.  I also have like the world's highest arches, and that can be a deal-breaker for lots of shoes as well.  I was relieved these slipped on with ease.

Next up was my order from Zumba.  I had a $25 gift card for their site.

I found a really cute gold and white 3/4 sleeve top that I could definitely see myself wearing.  It was $25, and I was surprised to see that my gift card also covered shipping.  I paid $0 for this!  I was out nothing, zero, zip, nada.  I mean, I did pay $49 for the FFFVIP box so I'd say a portion of that went to this top.  But geez, there was an $88 eye serum in the box, a $42 candle, a $30 hand cream, the $30 gift card for Fashion Project, a $39 face peel, a $44 swedish eyeshadow duo, a $34 necklace, etc.  The box MORE THAN paid for itself.

I actually REALLY like how this shirt is made.  It's not really 1 shoulder, but it has a really wide scoop neck.  I will either wear a strapless bra with it or a tank top.  Super light and cute.  I really like shirts with wide bands like this at the bottom that hugs your hips.  The shirt is more loose and you can kind of scrunch it up with the waistband.  Even if I just wear this at home I really, really like it.

I probably could have done without the 'Zumba' print on the back of it but it's not a big deal, my hair will cover it pretty much.  One of the perks of having long hair!  Haha.

Okay guys, that's it.  Hope you enjoyed this and if you haven't checked it out already, then I HIGHLY recommend going over to the FFFVIP site and reading up on their subscription service.  I have stopped ALL of my other beauty subscriptions other than this one, as you always get FULL SIZE luxury products.  It may cost a little more but in the end it is worth it, as it's stuff you'll actually use.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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