Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips: Extreme Shimmer Gel CreamShadow &Liner Trio

Hey guys!  I am SO excited to show you a makeup item I recently picked up from the drugstore, and it is the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Extreme Shimmer Gel Cream Shadow & Liner Trio.....whew!  That's a mouthful!  Basically it's 3 little pots of cream (though not super wet) eyeshadows that are GORGEOUS!  I found mine at Walmart for $11.95.

These are available in 2 different colors:  Nude or Smoky.  This particular one (the only one I wanted) is the Nude one.  The other one that is available is in Smoky, and the 3 shadows in that one are cooler toned (silvery shades).  The 3 shadows in this palette are Champagne, Nude, and Mocha and they are stunning.  On the PF website they are described as a shockingly shimmering versatile trio to be used all over the lid or as an eyeliner for shimmery definition.  (I will be using these strictly as shadows).  It goes on to say this unique hybrid formula glides on and blends supposedly better than a powder, and that you can wear a thin layer for a veil of shimmer or with it layered on for a full-metallic foil effect.

These are STUNNING.  They are so soft and creamy, but they definitely don't really feel wet at all.  Once they set for a few minutes they don't budge.  I love super shimmery shades like this on the lid, but fallout is always something you have to worry about.  NOT with these.  Where they are a 'cream' product they glide right on and stay put.  Genius.

These look so pretty sitting on your vanity as well!  I love the pink packaging with the glittery lids.

The Champagne shade, for a "Natural" look.
(As described on the back of the packaging....see above).

The Nude shade, for a "Playful" look.

And the Mocha shade, for a "Dramatic" look.

I honestly can't get over how pretty these things are!  The product and it's packaging!  I've just got mine in this compartment in my main vanity drawer that houses some loose and pressed pigments.  I love these SO much!



-A pic of me wearing the lightest shade (Champagne) on a relaxing day at home.  So shimmery and pretty!

I can't stress how happy I am that I finally found these.  I had seen them in some ads and things online, but they were not available at my store for the longest time.  These have me more excited than a lot of high-end products I've purchased lately, lol.  Highly, highly recommend if you like really shimmery shadows on your lids.  Thanks for stopping by today, everyone.  Have a great week!!!  xoxoxoxo-
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